Film: 3690

Science | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Horticulture and pesticides around the world 1960's

Man surveys damaged crop. Carrots have failed to produce properly. Diseased onion, wilted spinach. Farmers walking in their crops. Snail on a chewed leaf. Bug in a hole. Man in greenhouse full of tomato plants. Examining a poor plant. Expert looks at plant. Examining roots. Soil and roots wasted, filtered and filtered again through fine mesh. Laboratory. People wear white coats. Pouring bowl of water into glass jar. Close up of woman. She wears white coat. Scientists. Pipette squirts water into petri dish. Use of microscope. Tiny thread like worms seen through microscope - nematodes. Hand picks up a handful of soil, hand feels soil. Plant parasites. Microscopic nematode. Larvae hatching. Tropics. Red ring disease destroys coconut palm. Close up of axe hitting trunk. Narcissus bulb which is brown inside. Deformed onion bulb. Banana plantation with two local workers. Farmer pushes plant over. Man uses machete to cut roots. Possibly French vineyard, tracking shot. Possibly British apple orchard with stumped trees. Comparison of bulb roots of healthy and diseased bulbs. Citrus plantation. Root knot nematode causes enlarged roots. Uprooting unhealthy tobacco plant. Unhealthy root cops. Black African surveys poor crop. Woman picks apple from small tree and places it in box.
Africa cut and burn, forest clearance. Talk of crop rotation being helpful. Glasshouse soil cleared by steaming. Scientist looks away from microscope and takes test tube of chemicals. He holds this over nematode. Under microscope chemical fills nematodes. Scientist mixes liquids. Soil fumigant called 'Shell D-D' pesticide. Two crops side by side on treated and untreated land. Man smokes and climbs onto tractor which he drives off. Soil ploughed and tilled. Using the fumigant from a trailer behind a tractor. Small tracked tractor applies fumigant. Driver stops and refills tank with fumigant. Using a portable machine by hand in greenhouse. Filling a hand applicator from a watering can. In African plantation, farmer draws a line over his soil. Sealing the fumigant in with the bare foot. Man on small holding waters fumigant onto his land. Tractor in ploughed field. Farmer and dog on land. Farmer smells soil. Applying fumigant in orchard from tractor, 'Shell Nemagon'. Farmer reads instructions and pours Nemagon into bucket. Waters it down from another bucket. Loads tank on his tractor. Banana plantation and hand application. Nemagon metered into irrigation water in Africa. Small tin of Nemagon granules opened by black African. He pours this out by hand and stamps it in. Granules used in glasshouse. Farmer in sunglasses examines plants in large field. Takes sunglasses off. Black and white Africans talk about root crops. Checking a ledger. Black woman picks cotton. Unloading cotton balls into larger sack. Cutting pineapples. Putting them in box on black man's head. Close ups in street market. Tomatoes placed in paper bag and put on weighing scales. Blacks loading bananas onto banana conveyor belt. Asian women carry baskets of oranges on their heads. Black man picks tobacco leaves. Tobacco leaves carried in huge basket on blacks head. Bananas loaded onto blacks head. Possibly French man wearing beret puts black grapes in basket. Baskets of oranges, potatoes, tobacco, emptied. Farmers' feet. Ship's crane unloads 'Shell D-D' barrels. Black woman picking cotton.

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