Film: 3693

Transport General | 1950 | Sound | Colour


London Buses 1950's

Service and maintenance of double decker red buses, RT 's and RM 's. The London Transport depot at Aldenham shows the complete dismantling and refurbishment of the buses that work so hard with London's commuters and traffic
Exhibit of a horse bus, various automobiles, cars and buses.
The London Transport bus. Conductor issues a ticket with ticket machine. Use of bell push. Passengers on bus platform. Snow covered tree in street and bus passing. Spring and daffodils.
Aldenham Bus factory Bus marked with crosses for maintenance and replacement parts. Bus is rotated 90 degrees from a vertical to horizontal position and the underneath is then pressure hosed. Repairs and modifications are carried out. A large gantry carries the body of a bus. Damaged panels of bus taken away. New panels made by craftsmen. Machine cutting sections. Trimming shop making new cushions for seats. Metal parts being enamelled. Bus bodies re-assembled. Chassis line. Rebuilt and reconditions units returned and sprayed with aluminium plate
Bus body being dropped back onto its chassis. Mechanics working on the bus. The bus is taken on a test drive. A man in smock coat stands in the passenger doorway. The driver abruptly stops to test the brakes followed by handbrake test.
The bus is taken into the workshop paint line and prepared for repainting. It then goes into the paint booth. The men wear mask and protective suits before hand spraying and varnishing the bus. Lettering and sign work. Buses lined up after maintenance. Cleaning windows, changing steering wheel and upholstery. Number plate. Men working from a pit underneath the bus.
The bus leaves the workshop.
Men having tea break in canteen. Outside buses leave the depot. Fleet of buses lined up in yard.
Buses in busy London streets. A woman Bus conductor. London scenes.

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