Film: 3695

London | 1980 | Sound | Colour


Metropolitan Public Gardens Association celebrates one hundred years 1980's

The streets of London are decorated with flowers. Gardens and flowers outside public buildings, galleries stately homes. Close ups of trees and tulips. Richard Luff, the city of London surveyor talks of creation of "green space" according to available land. Workers eat their lunch in garden outside office block. Salters Garden. The Lord Mayor of London, Ronald Gardner-Thorpe. Aerial view of street bordered by trees, close up of Bentley car moving. Greenery around major roads and building. Three old gentlemen waving umbrellas in front of city building, discussing garden plans and pieces of land used as rubbish tips. Garden of St. Pauls. Man with cable detector. Panorama. Man pruning trees. Close up of gorse. Children running on grass. Barbican Centre, London, with balconies with flowers. Man reading newspaper on park bench. Ferns. Man sweeping leaves. Lord Mead. Etching of Victorian London. Churchyard. Windowboxes. Michael Upward (M.P.G.A. Secretary). Stills of 1940's children. Greater London Council (G.L.C.) plans. Children walking though nature area. Greenhouse. Old man and small boy walk though the streets. Office gardens. Workers cutting weeds. Planting Cleary Garden, the Metropolitan Public Gardens Association Centennial garden.

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