Film: 3698

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Italy the Po River valley area 1940's

Map of Europe. Close up of Northern Italy and of the Po Valley in particular. View of the Alps. River flowing between mountains. Bridge over river. Close up of river flowing over rocks. Close up of dam with view of mountains. Dam. Pipeline carrying water. Electricity plant where the water is converted into electricity. (hydro-electric energy) Close up of cells and wires carrying the electricity. Landscape. Electricity lines in the countryside. View of large industrial chimney giving off smoke. Inside of a textiles factory. A man walks between looms and brushes lint from woven cloth. View of threads on a loom. A modern, fully automated loom weaving cloth. A man pushes a trolley in front of the loom. Outside of a steel factory. Inside the smelting room. A load of ore is put into a roaring furnace. View of steel manufacture. Mechanics are working in an automobile (car) factory where the steel is used. Cars on a production line. The cars are checked and mechanics look under the bonnet. The bonnet is closed and the cars driven away. Map of the Po River Valley showing the major towns in the area. Milan. View of railway. Milan Cathedral. Busy piazza filled with people. A large building with a large sign for Cinzano on the front. Large modern block of flats. A tram passes in front of them. View of a building built in around the eighteenth century that is used as a bank. Inside the bank. There are separate queues for withdrawals and deposits. Railway station and platform where a train is standing. People are getting on and off the train. Steam trains leaving the station.

Agricultural area of the Po River Valley. Close up of a tower framed by trees. View of the village of Rivolta D'Adda. Church in village. Close up of stone carvings on outside walls of church. In side a man - Valerio tugs at the bell rope. He lets go of the rope and runs up a short flight of stairs. He then jumps on the rope to make the bell ring. View of bell ringing in bell tower. Aerial view of village. Valerio ringing the bell. Aerial view of a street in the village. Two women enter the church. Another walks past. Village street. Men on bicycles are going to work. A donkey and horse and cart with two men walk past a wall with signs directing one to Pandino and Treviglio. The village square - a man carries a large wheel over one shoulder. A small girl is carrying a small bucket. View of shop. A bicycle leans against the wall and a horse and cart go past. In the bakers the baker and assistant are rolling sausage shaped rolls and placing then on baking sheets. A man uses a long pole to remove cooked rolls from the oven and places them in a basket. The pharmacist unfurls the awning outside the chemists. A girl is doing the same outside a house in a narrow street. View on wall of the list of goods sold in a shop. Three women talk by the village pump whilst they collect their water in buckets. An old woman works the pump. Woman do the laundry on the banks of the River Adda, a tributary of the River Po. Village street. A knife grinder works in the street and is watched by a little boy. Close up of the grinding wheel going round. Close up of grinder himself. Wooden shoe mounted on the wall. In the cobbler's workshop hang handmade shoes.

The cobbler sits at a bench hammering a shoe together. He is making a sandal, attaching the leather upper to the sole. A horse and cart go past the outside of the harness shop. Inside, tack hangs on the walls and the man sits polishing a harness. A man and a woman walk past the hardware shop. On the street are brooms and other sundries on display. Inside the shop a young man serves an elderly customer. Also behind the counter is another young man and a small boy. All over the shop are everyday goods as well as farm implements and spare parts. The older man discusses his purchase with the young man. There is a white cat on the counter. View of village. Field - a man is ploughing using two horses to draw the plough. A cart drawn by two oxen walks down the road. Cows come out of the barn. Dairy cows drink at a trough. A little boy scrubs out empty milk churns. Two men load full milk churns onto a lorry. View of lorry. Sheep in field. Close up of shepherd. Shepherd and his flock. Two men using scythes to harvest a grain crop. Large quantities of cut grass a piled into a wagon by adults and children. The wagon, fully loaded in pulled towards the village. Wheat is harvested using a manual version of the cutting part of a combine harvester. - rotating blades attached to a plough pulled by horses. Wheat being threshed in a farmyard. A man lifts sheaves with a pitchfork. Leftover straw is collected to be used in weaving. Threshed grain coming out of the thresher into a trough. Men, women and children spread the grain on the floor so that it can dry n the sun. They use rakes and all are barefoot. The now harvested wheat field is prepared for a crop of rice - being ploughed. River Po and water being diverted in to irrigation ditches. A man raises the sluice gate on a ditch to flood the field for the rice. A now swampy field that is still being tilled by men and horses. In the filed boys throw seedlings to the ground to be picked up and planted by the rows of women. Women planting the seedlings. A girl distributes more seedlings. View of the field partly planted. Church tower. Close up of bell tower. Valerio ringing the bell. Bell ringing. The village marketplace crowded with market stalls and villagers. A woman buying vegetables which are tipped directly into her shopping bag. A man wraps cheese before handing it to a customer. View of market stalls. A stall selling cloth where women examine the quality and texture. A man sells baskets. Outside the Tobacconists. A woman enters the shop as a boy cycles past. Onside the shop a man is being served. The woman behind the counter then measures salt on to scales and then pours it into paper and wraps it for the woman who then pays. In the street a man mends the cobbled road with new cobbles watched by a little boy. View of chemists. In the general store a woman is weighing an item for a customer. The shop is crowded with women and children. A young man slices ham on a slicing machine from which salami hangs. Olive oil is measured in to a bottle from a flask and sold by weight. Dried spaghetti is weighed. View of street. Inside a pasta factory a woman oversees the production of spaghetti, cutting it in to lengths as it comes out of the machine. Another woman takes those lengths and spreads them over a drying rack which is then placed into a hot oven with the door closed to dry and go brittle. Busy village street. Shaving bowls hand over a doorway. Inside the barber shop a man is being shaved with a cut throat razor. The village tailor who shares the shop sits sewing.

Close up of man having shave. View of the outside of the café in early evening where the male villagers sit. Inside the café a woman prepares espresso coffees. A waitress brings espresso to two men sitting at a table talking. They stir their coffee and take a sip and stir again. Men of all ages sit at the tables talking and playing games. Some smoke and others have pipes. Close up of old man in hat with moustache. View of man in waistcoat and sucking on pipe. Moustache man talking and gesticulating. Another man with pipe. Another old man with moustache. View of young men playing a game which involves them guessing how many fingers the others will show!!?? (presumably similar to scissors, paper, stones) Close up of young men playing. At the bowling court men play boccia or bowls. Aerial view of village. Inside a house a woman walks to the fire with a plate of dried pasta. She removes the lid from the pot hanging over the fire and puts the pasta in it. View of a family at dinner table. The woman serves up plates of pasta from a large bowl. Family eating. View of bell tower. Valerio and a helper ringing the bells View of bells tolling. Village. Valerio looks out of the bell tower window and speaks to the two policemen standing below. One of the policemen is smoking. Valerio leaves the window. The policemen walk away. Bell tower. Policemen walking down an empty street. Aerial view of village and river. View of hay cart being pulled towards the village. Map of Europe with the Po River Valley circled.

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