Film: 3701

Railways | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Scene of railway workshop - rails being welded, these rails being transported and laid. Old sleeper rails are removed - new track on concrete sleepers 1960's

Huge track laying machine at work. Men at work on new track. Shots of high-speed train and of electrification in progress - man pull cables. Control room at Canterbury is seen and same at Newcastle with men at work. Old signal-boxes are replaced. Train is seen being worked. Shot of large marshalling yards - sheds, depots, men moving boxes. Wagons are seen moving individually. Train arrived at small station - East Didsborough. (Stations are being improved). Scene of restaurant at St. Pancras. Buffet being built. Model of Leeds City Station - propped. Sleeping cars are being improved. Shots of diesel train - inside and outside. Local electric train in Glasgow. Electric locomotives in construction. Final shot of school for apprentice.

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