Film: 3702

Railways | 1960 | Silent | Colour


Railway train at Pwllheli station. Views of the countryside of North Wales 1960's

Shots of driver and passengers. Caernarvon skyline. Bangor. Good amateur home movie or rushes.
Pwllheli railway station. Pan across wide platform to where British rail steam locomotive number 82003 is pulling a train of three dark red carriages out of the station. Shot along platform as train accelerates away. Driver gets in cab of diesel train with destination board of ‘Bangor’. From perspective of passenger leaning out of railway carriage window, we look forward and then backwards as train departs. Passing a signal box. Signalman returning to box after having presumably exchanged staff with train driver. From in cab, point of view along tracks as we pass a siding, level crossing and a halt. Station of Penychain for Pwllheli holiday camp. Train at station and then pulling away again. Station sign. The Butlins holiday camp in the background from the moving train. Passing steaming stationary locomotive 80099 and carriages on opposite track. Joining another line and approaching a viaduct. People in carriages of moving train. Woman with furry orange hat in front. Station of Afon Wen. Hanging a red lamp on front left of the train. Trolleys on station platform. Point of view as train branches from main line to the right. At Chwlog, man in railway uniform takes staff from driver. Point of view along single track as we approach a station and a second stretch of track. A lamp on station of Llangybi. A station master at Ynys. Smiling ladies in hats and glasses in train. Station of Brynkir. Two railway men step off train. In motion passing attractive countryside and a level crossing. At Penycroes, an elderly man smoking a pipe opens carriage door for five elderly ladies. Advert for special cheap day fares which range from 9d to 6/- depending on distance. Station of Groeslon. Station of Llanwnda. Exchanging staff with signalman. On coast view of castle in town. In bigger station at Caernarfon. A red post office van ? On station platform. View from bridge of our two carriage train. Travelling again, we pass the Ferodo factory, and backs of roofs of slate tiled houses. Stopping at Menai Bridge station. Station sign for Bangor. At the station.
Presumably the return journey, for our next station is Menai Bridge. Driver in cab with hands on controls. Travelling through railway box tunnel over the Menai Bridge tunnel. On Anglesey. Station of Llanfair P G. Point of view along tracks and from behind head of driver on a straight stretch of double track. Passing tracks. At Gaerwen station. A two-carriage train going the other way stopped on opposite platform. Destination board on our train is now Amlwch. Railway signals. At a divide in the tracks – left going to Holyhead, right to Amlwch, we collect staff from railway employee. Passing attractive old manor farm. Crossing a river with dykes or levees and drainage ditches. Train’s windscreen wiper going as it is a miserable day and raining hard. Entering town of Llangefni. Train crosses bridge. Driver leans out of cab and smiles. Staff exchanged at platform. Leaving station. A reservoir and waterworks. Ducks on water. Exchanging staff at Llangwyllog. Now a bright sunny, though wet day. Leaving station, then entering another station. Llanerchymedd station sign as train leaves. A sign tells us a day excursion to Chester will cost 20/6. A sign tells us freight facilities will be removed from Rhosgoch Goods depot as from 30th November 1964. A timetable for trains to Amlwch – there are eight daily. Rhosgoch light. From side of track, train entering station. Guard on train lifts handle of pram, and cigarette smoking mother lifts back end as toddler sits up. Driver operating train controls. Reverse point of view along track as we pass under a bridge. Passing a 20 mph sign. Tight bend under a bridge. Railway signal up. Amlwch station is reached. Signal changes and we’re off again!
A bit out of order this bit – we start to go back the way we came – reverse point of view along tracks, under a bridge, then we see Amlwch station sign. To the side a small steam locomotive is in steam. Engine shed. We see a train approaching the platform. People get in train for return journey. An open sided lorry loaded up with stuff. The two carriage diesel train in the countryside. Travelling train

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