Film: 3703

Industry + Work | 1950 | Silent | Colour


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Steel industry and production of sheet steel. Breakfast table. Sheets using Hot Rolling and Cold Rolling process. Steel bars. Gas fire furnaces. Sheffield 1950's

Steel castings made for the aircraft industry including air turbines. Hot steel poured into cast iron moulds.
Precision castings for small parts using wax models to produce moulds. Moulds heated to remove wax and steel then poured into mould.
Radiography used to examine structure of steel.
Sheepcote Lane Rolling Mill. Production of steel coils.
Firth-Vickers Stainless Steel.
Steel produced for the catering and dairy industry. Packing.
Sausage making. Bottling plant, Aircraft, Cars, Garden tools, tea making, sink units, meat hooks, frying pan with bacon and eggs.
Duration 26mins 6 secs

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