Film: 3709

Social History | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Poor Housing and plans by council to give grants to assist 1970's

Norman Rossington talks to camera about improving your home if you live in a housing action area. Bad housing shown. Old Victorian terraces and slums in the 1970's. Rubbish in back yards. People depressed by poverty and unemployment. Black and white people sit on steps of a house. Could be Notting Hill Gate or similar. Derelict, broken and dirty bathroom. Faulty electric wiring. Over crowding with families living in dilapidated rooms. Broken toilet. Dirty damp kitchen. Broken and leaking roofs. Grate of a fireplace. Exterior shots. Save houses from the bull dozers. Repair not demolish houses and save communities from being broken up. Demolition of slums by bulldozers and a wreckers ball. Children play in the streets. Tower Blocks, high rise. Commentary says that this was wrong in the past, council housing states by tower blocks was a mistake. Gentrification and smartening up of previously poor housing or slums. Bringing houses up to standard. Five basic amenities Wash basin, sink, bath, indoor toilet, hot water. The council will pay 75% of eligible costs. Grants for this work. Some of the money must be found privately.

Structural grants are also available. Up to £800 given. Repair grants. Full improvement grants. Architect works on plans. Central heating. Re wiring. Plumbing. Damp proofing. Hardship cases may get full grants. Heat loss diagram. Housing local offices. Woman discusses plans for improvements with housing officer. They look at the plans. Man arrives at the front door of a terrace house. He says " I'm from the council, can I come in? " Building work on a house including scaffolding all over the front. You won't be forced to do the work if your house is fit for habitation. Grants are only for owners of property but a young couple and their baby discuss with an officer the possibility of a court order to force the work. Council can pressure landlords. Housing Association office. Provisional notices. Multiple occupation. Town Hall. Join a local housing committee, people meet to discuss issues. Newly done up kitchen. A woman talks about the improvements. Various shot of terraces and houses. See your council now. Aerial view of London.

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