Film: 3710

Food + Drink | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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Food 1980's

Chopping cucumber, dicing onion, shot of various herbs, oil and vinegar. Spooning honey. Grinding black pepper. Boiling water. Frying beans. Meat. Soup. Porridge. Narrator mentions U.K. derivatives of Roman food. Second title. Shots of food and vessels. Christmas pudding. Soup, chicken, ingredients. Restaurant kitchen and chefs. Use of fuel, natural gas. Wine is poured at a restaurant table , platter of seafood. Importance of food tastes. Ginger. Curry spices. The exotic, changing British dishes. Forest view. Bayeux tapestry. Normans increasing gap, black and white, rich and poor, diet, peacock. Frivolous foods, i.e. marzipan. 16th , 17th century praise of British food. Cooking pie. Cooking fish. Shots of various fish, used to be 'rich man's food', shellfish. Poor 'ate oysters'. Cheese, hard cheese for peasants, soft for aristocracy. Regional cheeses. Art of cooking, colour for visual effect. Shots of raw vegetables. Gluttony. Victorian times. Inability of poor to eat more than the smallest amounts. Puritanical view, spices, exotica, were 'sinful' and forbidden 'Middle-Class' morality of Victoria, cooking bland food, gave English cooking a bad name. Slicing meat, beef in puddings. Raw steak and kidney. Roast beef, England's 'most famous dish'. History of alternating extravagance and thrift. Yorkshire Pudding. Sweet puddings, roly-poly, spotted dick, etc used to be served as a first course. Sweets gave energy. Take-aways originate in medieval days. Doner kebab or donner kebab being carved and served in a pitta bread. Three pitta breads on a griddle. Inside of chip shop. Customers eating, fish and chips. British breakfast, fuel for the day. Woman cooking sausages, eggs, bacon. Pouring tea. Potatoes (rejected when first brought to England), baked, mashed, boiled, chips. Tomato ('love apple', thought to be aphrodisiac). Children eating tea cakes. Sugar brought over by crusaders. Influences of colonialism and Asian food. Inside kebab shop and Chinese restaurant. Supermarket dependency on pre-processed and packaged food. Sainsbury's kitchens. Facility of modern fuels and equipment allows emphasis on ease and creativity.

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