Film: 3713

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Germany 1980's

Reports on:
- Duesseldorf
- Russian-German relations
- Testing of medicine on animals
- The 1974 Berlin Jazz-Festival
- A 6 day cycle race
- Sports in Wolfsburg
- The 50th anniversary of an overseas club in Hamburg
- A seafarer's club in Luebeck.
People in ( distorting ) mirrors. ' Dusseldoff is very beautiful. ' The statue of Heinrich Heine, a book of his. Views of Duesseldorf. The Rhine. Ships. Skyscrapers and motorways. Industrial plants. A huge motorway junction. The Messehallen ( fair halls ). Inside the halls, during a fair. The Koenigsallee ( king's avenue ). People in cafes. A music school with Japanese people. ' Many Japanese people live here. ' Japanese children in a school, talking in chorus. Duesseldorf's first art academy, opened after the second World war. An exhibition hall of modern art, visitors. Ice hockey, horse racing, football. Duesseldorf's athletes are top! Fasching carnival. Carriages, people in the street. Fast pans over crowds, faces of dressed and made-up people in fancy dress. A bridge against the sun.
Russian soldiers (or officers). A plane, Helmut Schmidt the chancellor and Hans-Dietrich Genscher ( foreign minister ) on a visit in Russia. Brezhnev was in Germany in 1973 ( stills ). Brezhnev, Schmidt and Willy Brandt, shaking hands. The signing of the Moscow treaty in 1970 ( Brezhnev, Brandt and Genscher ). Extracts of a b/w ( Russian? ) newsreel (?) Models of industrial machines or plants. A gas pipe. ( all this will improve or has been improved by signing the treaty ). Constructing of a gas pipe. Gas pipes. The Moscow state circus. A clown. Visitors. A female dancer on the trunk of an elephant. Acrobats. A female acrobat doing the splits between the heads of two elephants. A football stadium. Germany Soviet Union, the opening of the Olympic Games in Munich, 1972. Germany scores. Russia scores. End of the b/w extracts. Schmidt and Brezhnev, shaking hands. Genscher and other politicians. Reporters. Signing of a treaty. Reporters, taking pictures. A handshake Brezhnev and Genscher.
Poor, starving, ill black people in Africa. German medicine plays an important part to prevent sickness there. Buildings of chemistry plants. Shelves with glasses, preparations. ' A lot of money is spent for research in Germany '. A laboratory with people working. ' You have to test your preparatives. ' A woman giving an animal an injection , for testing purposes. Machines on the wall, measuring instruments. An isolated animal organ hanging from a machine. Rats getting injections. More measuring instruments. ' After the substance is tested, you can use it on human beings . A woman getting an injection. A measuring instrument, splitting a tablet (?). Tablets, produced in grand style. White ones. Red ones.
Music: The 1974 Berlin Jazz Festival. Musicians. A guitar player. A piano player, he sings as well. Blues, Lefthand, Boogie. The Berlin philharmonic hall ( scene of the festival ). A pianist, Willie Mabon, playing and singing. Spectators.
The Deutschlandhalle in West Berlin, cyclists. Opening of the 6 days cycle racing season. Photographs of ancient cyclists. The 6 days race is a major event. Cyclists, and actor Curd Juergens firing the starting shot. The cyclists ride off. On the racing track. Spectators. The cyclists, racing. Spectators, drinking; cyclists, recovering. Cyclists, racing. A band. The cyclists. The narrator talks about the history of the 6 days race. The winner. He gets a wreath. The crowds, cheering.
Wolfsburg. A pole jump over the town sign. A girl turning flipflops in a garden. A handball-goalie. A horse and rider jumping a hurdle. 'Keep fit in Wolfsburg.' - The importance of sports- and recreation-centers. A tennis player. Cajac. A female diver diving into the water. People on the street. 92000 inhabitants, and the city has been founded only 40 years ago. (The VW-factory has its main site in Wolfsburg). An international marathon race, the start. The runners. 'Everybody can stay fit here.' Runners refresh themselves while they run. A runner who has taken off his shoes. Children's sports: children jump over boxes. Sack-racing. 'Air-pollution here is at a minimum.' A couple sitting on a bank in a park. Tennis courts. A woman running in the street. An oarsman in a boat. The streets of Wolfsburg with lots of VW-Beetles. Sailing ships. Crowds in pedestrian precincts in the streets. A market from above. Cameraman sliding down a chute into a pool. A teacher teaching swimming to children. The pool, swimmers. In a gym. A man jumping over a bench. Others, gymnastics. A judo fighter assembling gear boxes at the VW factory. In the evening he does his training. He enters the sports centre. 14 judo fighter students and a teacher. The students are training. Horse show jumping. The winner of the contest. Wolfsburg tackled the problems of the future by building enough sports facilities among other things.
Hamburg. The 50th anniversary of the founding of its overseas club. Crowds. Workers at the docks. President Heinemann holding a speech about the freedom of trade and the friendship of nations. Docks of Hamburg. The water patrol. Heinemann again. On the water patrol boat. ' Hamburg's port is the gateway to the world. ' Heinemann and other politicians on the boat.
Lubeck. The Luebecker Tor. Medieval buildings: The old city. Buildings, paintings. An old seafarer's town. A painter restoring paintings on a scaffold, models of ships. The old mariner's club. Details of the medieval building. A meeting of the members in the hall. The chairman holds a speech. The members drink and smoke. More details of the hall, small wooden statues, models of ships.

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