Film: 372

Transport General | 1920 | Silent | B/W


A short film showing boats off Southend Pier Essex, England, and a train journey back along the pier to shore 1920's

Shot from a boat sailing off Southend Pier; the pier head can be seen; it appears a rather simple construction with a long shelter to one side. A closer look shows the pier head is rather more elaborate; the boat sails alongside the pier landing stage; a large crowd has gathered on a balcony; 'SOUTHEND-ON-SEA' is written along the balcony wall. A shot from the pier of a boat. From the top deck of the boat, a man, possibly the ship's captain, waves, as do some of his passengers.

"Bon Voyage". A second shot of the boat; it is shown to be a long vessel; its paddles thrash in the water, it has a large lifeboat the rear, behind it a large boat can be seen as the first sails away. 'Pier Railway'. Shot from the cab of a moving train heading towards the shore. Pedestrians walk to the right, the train has arrived. 'The end'.

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