Film: 3723

Fashion | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Cashmere woollen products and the textile industry in Britain 1960's

Tibetan sheep being herded. Women shearing sheep and combing wool. Man carries sack of wool, yak carries sacks of wool, it is weighed, carried by boat. Scotland, Highlands. Hoick , Pringle factory. Laboratory creating dyes. Dyeing process in factory. Drying wool. Spinning wool into yarn; spinning machines. Coloured spools await making into garments. Design on a dummy; garments laid out on the floor. Woman in wool suit. Design students. Weaving machines. Patterns woven into machine. Lots of knitting machines. Sewing together. Washing. Ironing. Wall behind workers covered with Beatles posters. Putting on buttons. Sewing on labels. Ironing. Packing. Going by 'plane and train. Models.

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