Film: 3724

History | 1950 | Sound | Colour


Reconstruction of the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain.
Peasant with tools. Scythe. Sheep. Hand weaving, loom, spinning wheel. Master weaver lights pipe from fire. Examining wool. Man pats his stomach. Clock strikes 12. Roast dinner and potatoes taken to table. Saying prayers before eating. Sharpen knives. Woman cleans window. Horse and cart. Thatched cottages. Friesian cows. Man with scythe goes through gate. Steam engines whistle. Engine. Back gardens of terraced housing from train. Railway. Gasholders. Cartoon: tools, Spinning Jenny. Film: train whistle, train wheels. Viaduct. Cranes loading and unloading. Rolling barrels. Country house, iron gates opening. Prints by Dore. Rain on cobbled streets. Houses of Parliament. Big Ben at 11.45. Battersea Power Station. Cobbler making shoe, wealthy man buying shoes. Leather, cutting machine. Preparation of hides by machine. Machine stitching of shoes. Men and women's shoes. Rolling leather. Cutting leather on production line. Industrial chimney smoking. Steel making. Steam trains. Passenger train (steam). Loading ships by crane.

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