Film: 3725

Medicine | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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A very moving film about grief after the death of a loved one. A woman having lost her daughter in a trailer fire visits Dr Ronald Ramsay a Psychiatrist in Amsterdam to help her accept and deal with her daughter's death 1970's

The woman shares her feelings, tears and pain with the Doctor including difficulty in looking at photographs of her daughter Beverley and hearing her favourite tune 'Tie a Yellow Ribbon'.
The therapy includes intensifying the pain and forcing her to accept the death.
By the 4th day the woman is mentally exhausted and unable to continue.
On the 5th day she is forced to look at a photo of her daughter and we see real emotional distress as she cries. After a while she is able to talk about her daughter and he suggests she tell her dead daughter her frustrations then send her away. CU of tears running down woman's face.
Day 5 she talks about her daughters grave and the therapist tells her she is turning away from the grave and leaving. He asks her to tell her daughter she has caused pain and has to send her away. She says: I've got to send you away repetitively.
She sighs and the therapist knows she has finished. The woman walks in garden reflecting.
Day 6 She comes into the room saying she is feeling marvellous and that the tearing pain has gone. The Doctor turns on the tune 'Tie a Yellow Ribbon' and the woman stays very still but doesn't cry and moves her finger to the tune. She smiles feeling reassured. Woman looks at photo of her daughter. The end.

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