Film: 3727

Food + Drink | 1940 | Sound | B/W


School Dinners 1940's

Poor back to back terrace housing, children in the streets. Pre fabricated canteen and kitchen. Plan of Building, probably school. Dinner ladies arrive. Washing hands prior to food handling and preparation. Supervisor pins up a menu. The hot cupboards are lit as they are gas. Children practise their writing by copying the menu. Stew in large cooking pots. "Vegetables should be attractive". Jam tarts are cut into portions. Custard on the boiler. Children wash for dinner. Children arrive, take off their coats and sit in a large dining room. Saying grace before meals. Children eat dinner. Pudding is served. Wasted food in buckets. Tables cleaned and set for second sitting. Washing up by hand. Rinsed plates and stacked into a hot cupboard. Washing cutlery.

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