Film: 373

Industry + Work | 1910 | Silent | B/W


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Emigrant from Russia or eastern Europe saying good-bye to his parents, then arriving at Ellis Island, New York, to join his cousin in U.S.A. Immigration to the U.S.A. 1910's

He stands at rail of ship with New York in front of him. Pennsylvania Railroad and Illinois Steel Company. Bessemer steel making. Guards for using machine tools. Then safety at work public information. Falls in love with his teacher 1910's

The screen comes up with the text, ' This was one of the first motion pictures produced for educational work in accident prevention and was taken in 1912, . . . The peasant receives money for passage from his brother in America,'. An elderly couple in peasant clothing look over a letter, their house has cracked walls and is very dirty, they get up and call out through the window at the back. A young man is standing in a field, takes off his hat and looks around, he is holding a farming tool.
The elderly couple are seen up close looking through the window. The young man lifts his wheel barrow and takes it towards the camera. The man comes into the peasant's house and they all look at a letter, we see up close the letter, it is a small note written in a foreign language. The man stands up happy, kisses his mother and then his father on both cheeks, then he walks off the screen as his mother starts to cry, coming back on screen he puts down a suitcase and starts to put clothes in while his parents help him.

'He arrives in America,'. The man is now standing on the side of a boat, in the foggy distance we can see New York, U.S.A, The Statue of Liberty, then a close up of this shot were we see skyscraper in distance and various steam ships in the middle distance. A large group off men and women, all in suits walk out of the immigration building at Ellis Island, a police officer is among their number. The man appears looking to the top right of the camera, he is in smart clothing and in his breast pocket is some kind of tag. Among the crowd we just saw comes the man carrying a heavy bag, one other man stops to help him as he lifts it over his head and onto his shoulders. We see from behind the man with a large group of people, all of whom have large bags. The man crosses a road and heads to the Pennsylvania Railroad building, a car is parked outside of it, and a horse and carriage travels quickly along the road.

'At Gary his brother shows him the workmen’s model city,'. The man exits from the carriage of a train at a station and is immediately greeted with an embrace by another man, his brother, a crowd, all smiling gather around him. The two brothers stand against a fence, behind them we can see the industrial buildings of Gary, Indiana. The brother takes him around a busy street corner, behind them we can see various buildings, the brother who is better dressed then the newly arrived immigrant points to various places of interest. The man is now smoking a cigar, as they stand by a sign that reads, 'extra pale and Dortmunder on draught,’

'He finds a better place than the saloons for his leisure hours,'. The two brothers walk up the stairs to a large building where two men stand talking. They join the men in conversation and the words the 'YMCA,' come into shot. We know see the YMCA building, it is a long building that has a government look to it, we can see the two brothers leave the building, the better dressed brother is pointing at something to his right.

'Unfitted for skilled work, he is given employment as a laborer,'. We see a queue of men standing outside the employment office, one man is pointing at the newly arrived brother, the brother then steps forward and signs a piece of paper. We can now see the two brothers as they stand next to the employment office sign that has a notice written on it which has then been repeated several times below. They read the notice that says 'figyelmeztetes,'. Hungarian language so we can assume the immigrant is from Hungary.

'He is shown how the lives of the workers are safeguarded,'. They walk towards an industrial building. A scribbled note says, 'look out for the lives of the other men, you might hurt him, they continue through the buildings. 'Goggles protect the eyes from flying chips,' a group of men work on a steel pipe, all are wearing goggles as they are using pickaxes and hammers to work on the steel. 'An actual demonstration of the value of goggles,'. We see a man wearing dark goggles, he takes them off and examines them, smiling he remarks something to himself. He is now holding a steel pin and is pointing at both this and at the glasses, then a quick shot of someone holding two of the steel pins, then straight back to the man as he rubs the goggles. We then see someone holding two pairs of goggles, one of the goggles is undamaged and the other one is broken. A safety hook is shown being held and is then attached to something out of sight, the hook and its attachment is then tugged to show its safety value. 'Hand protector with safety spring wrist band,' we see someone model this device which is looks like a toast shaped piece of leather with a wrist band attached to it. 'Guard for gauge glass,' someone then shuts the guard, 'safely insured by locking switches before making repairs on the working line,' a lever is then pulled down, and a padlock attached to it. 'The universal danger sign,' we then see a industrial sight with rubble every where, a large magnet comes from the top of the screen and attaches itself to a metal ball, it then rises up. The two brothers walk onto the scene, one walks straight past the universal safety sign the other brother pulls him away and then points at the sign. We then see the magnetised steel ball fall from a distance.

'Transferred to Lorrain, he learns the value of other safety appliances'. Two men are working, rail tracks are visible. One of the men then attaches a device to the rail tracks and then we see a train arriving in front of the sign as the other man waves his hands, the man waving his hands then runs further along the side of the tracks waving his hands as the train crashes over the device attached to the tracks and the train goes slightly off the rails. Looking at the train that has now come off the tracks the two men discuss a feature of it, then they shake hands. 'Guards on drill press,' the brother is working by a drill press, another worker comes along and shows him how to use the drill guard. 'Guard for planer,' another man is working at a planer when a man comes into shot stops him and then points out how to use the planers safety feature. 'Guard for circular saw,' man works at a circular saw a man stops him and then moves at the safety feature, then the other continues as normal. 'Clip guard on shaper for protection of the eyes,'. The same happens as before. 'Guards on emery board,' the man working at the board stops then looks at a sign by it and places the guard into position. 'Guard over belt and pulley,' we then see this device and the mesh guard over It.' Guarding feed gears of lathe,' We see the gears and then three men come and attach safety equipment onto it.

'He returns to Gary and goes to work at open hearth furnaces,'. We can see various shots of furnaces, flames and smokes fills the screen, molten lead spills over cauldrons. 'Hot metal blast furnace,' a worker can be seen around the area where the molten metal is flowing. 'A Bessemer converter,' a device shots a strong flame up into the air. 'Fan supplies cool air for workmen,' a workman stands cooling himself off, then we see a workman at a sink in a large hall filled with lines of sinks. Close up off a pin badge that says, ' safety award, Ensley,'. We then see this same badge on the newly arrived immigrants suit jacket. Close up of a different badge which the man is holding, on the badge we can see the words I.S.C on its bottom, but there is to much glare from the light to make out the top part. We then see this same badge on the mans suit jacket. Shot of the workers as they cross a field, in the distance we can see an industrial building.

'The pretty teacher is interested in her star pupil,'. A crowd of men all smartly dressed walk out of the classroom, while the immigrant stays at his desk working, he then accompanies the teacher out of the class room. Walking out of the school room and onto the street they can be seen talking, he gestures to the side of the camera. They walk up a pathway which reveals a small house with a porch. Walking to the front door, the man takes the teachers hand and talks to her animatedly. They then kiss and the teacher waves good bye as she goes in the house.

'Six years later. The working man and his family are happy and prosperous,'. There is now a shot of a room where chairs and tables have been set up, the teacher walks around it and places cutlery on the table. 'His son attends middle school,' a group of children walk down some steps away from the school building, ' the company's playground at Gray,'. We see the children playing on a large open space, we see the father pick up his daughter from the ground. The wife is at home preparing dinner, she opens the door and stands at the top of the stairs leading to the house, they enter the living room and the father and his boy sit at the dinner table, the wife busies herself in the background and the father passes his son some food, coming back with a pot of tea the mother sits down to dinner to which they eat happily.

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