Film: 3733

Entertainment + Leisure | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Gardening in the Public park and gardens 1960's

Reckitts, Cardiff, Wales. Garden care. Credits. Shots of Cardiff, architecture and gardens. Street scenes. Golf course, sprinkling of fertiliser. Flowers in bloom. Man mowing lawn. Raking the lawn. Adjusting a lawnmower. Applying weedkiller, edge trimming, patching damaged turf, close up water fountain. Close up roses. Rose growing, close up of insects on leaves. Spraying leaves. Feeding plants. Close up tomato plant, potted plants. The Peace rose.

Gardening in the municipal park and garden.
Cardiff, Wales - views of museum in its setting, other city centre buildings, street scenes, shopping street, offices. City Gardens - people strolling - paths, lawns, bedding schemes in circular flower beds, trees, blossom, white magnolia.
Golfers on golf course in Green Belt.
Importance of maintaining fertility of urban gardens. Shot of colourful bedding plants - begonias, violas, snapdragons, alyssum, lobelia - in domestic garden. Gardener sweeping autumn leaves from lawn with besom of twigs.
Scattering all-purpose organic fertiliser over soil by hand from metal bucket, then raking in with large wooden rake with wooden tines. Scattering fertiliser between rows of young plants and around currant bush.
People walking in amongst azaleas and rhododendrons in flower - close-ups of flowers.
Gardener mowing lawn in stripes in front of semi-detached house. Border around lawn and central circular flower bed, all planted with bedding plants, predominantly yellow and white. Care of lawn - maintaining a good lawn. Raking out mat of dead grass, weeds and small stones with spring tine rake, raking in two directions. Using a roller. Demonstration of maintaining a push mower - using a piece of paper to check cutting correctly. Use of pennies to check height of cut. Mowing with a motor mower. Aeration of turf in spring with a garden fork. Hand weeding of lawn weeds in spring.
Marking line with string, using cardboard to protect borders, applying weed killer to lawn with watering can. Shot of dead weeds.
Trimming edge of lawn with half moon edger and spade. Repairing damaged turf with lawn offcuts.

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