Film: 3734

History | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Warsaw capital of Poland 1970's

Warsaw skyline. Silver Jubilee celebrations. July 22, 1949. Tower blocks. Trams. Concerts in the park. Chopin memorial. State gathering. Polish. Folk dancing. Old Town District Military parade youth march.
National day is July 22nd. Panorama of Warsaw. Tower blocks. A tradition has grown up to present a building to Warsaw. This year it is a housing tower block. Various tower blocks.
People walking down pavement window shopping. The bastions. Mannequins in shop window shown from behind with people looking at them. Woman wears huge sunglasses. Back streets full of pedestrians, cars, trams and with bunting hanging over the street.
Tower block with huge poster picturing Silver Jubilee attached to it. Memorials to tragic past. Iron gate frame. Tree with plain tablets as memorials attached to it on the site of the Gestapo's prison called 'Pavia'? Names on the plaques are Fiala, Scheing, Borcinski, Wielunski, Przysieck, Bloch and Oleksiak - presumably all people killed in the prison. High rise and low rise flat complexes. Town planning means clusters of gleaming towers now face the River Vistula. Modern roads, modern external staircase. River boat. Memorial - the symbolic mermaid. Population of 1,300,000. Two girls side by side on swings, one standing, one sitting as they swing. Little girl with large bow on head. Sunflower. Boy waters window box with pink geranium in it.
Sunday concert beside Chopin Memorial in Wyzerky Park. Female pianist plays piano in open air. Steinway Piano. Last Polish king's palace. It is build on an artificial island with swans swimming on the lake. People fed swans. Mother with child in pushchair behind fountain. Family stroll in park. Flowers. Official residence of Polish head of stated with flag flying on top. Polish exiles delegations from 80 countries attend celebrations of Silver Jubilee of Polish Republic. Girls in traditional costume applaud. Girl presents flowers to President of the Council. They kiss on the cheek. Faces in the crowd. Children present flowers to man. He kisses boy on cheeks. Man speaks into microphone. He is the Polish Head of State. Applause from audience. Woman replies. She and President kiss cheeks. Afternoon drinks party. People hold glasses of wine.

President turns a guest around and uses back to sign his autograph on his programme. Folk dancing troupe. Choir. Statue of King Sigmund III on top of column in old town district. Elderly tourists are filmed by one of their number in this, the old quarter. Ruins of Royal castle.
Reconstruction of Warsaw has been quick. Some of roads now congested. Site-seeing party. The old town was destroyed in the war, but the survivors rebuilt it. Views of the old town. Second World War memorial. The tomb of the unknown soldier. Wreaths laid by Poland's highest official. Eternal flame. Drums. Delegation from Poles abroad. Nuns with soil from Polish battles presented. Large gas fire a salute. Different regiments with their banners. Sailors. Military parade. Officer cadets from military academy march past.
Marines wear blue berets. Paratroops wear red berets. Helicopter tows a banner behind it. Jeeps, troop carriers. Lorry carrying rocket launchers. Women wear handkerchiefs. Girls in glamorous costumes march by. Men carry pom-poms. Traditional costumes. Cornet player.

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