Film: 3735

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


The return of thousands of slave labourers from Germany labour camps after World War Two 1940's

Scenes of battle with American troops, guns and tanks. Next, U.S. truck approaches German labour camp ('Arbeit Macht Frei') in 1945. The liberation of the concentration camps. Hundreds of inmates rush out. Soldiers shake hands with smiling peasants. People on crutches. Emaciated men. Corpses being buried. Children show prison numbers on their arms. Starving men scramble for food. Scenes in military hospital. At a 'People's Court' guards are 'tried'. Thousands of refugees are seen returning home on foot to their own countries. American and USSR troops try to manage traffic. People are de-buried - DDT spray. Displaced persons were interviewed by Allied agents and 'regulated'. Scene in dormitory: Army had to provide for children and even babies. Some travelled by army truck, others by rail. Shots of crowded tracks and of crowds waiting at station. 99,000 French were flown home by USAF and RAF. Shots of them boarding planes. Aerial view of bombed German towns. View of Paris - Notre Dame. Crowds in Paris greet the returned. Reunion faces at station - waiting. Moving scenes in Paris - returned men meet and embrace their relatives.

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