Film: 3736

Education | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Curiosity as a teaching tool 1960's

A mother and child, the child touching and exploring the mother. Children using the senses, touch, smell, sight. Playing with bubbles, watching an ant, sticky fingers etc.
Shots of children looking up and carrying branches from a cut down tree. Talking about the branch, touching and feeling, looking at the tree rings.
Boys find a dead bird (swallow) and bury the bird in the garden. Talking about birds, feathers. Indian headdress feathers and use of feathers in flight.
Children sat in classroom, facial expressions. Looking at objects - Scholl sandal. Teachers feelings and expressions. Calling the register.
Boy playing curiously in some gravel. Another boy questions whether he should join him with his best clothes on.
A candle experiment in the classroom. Children shouting out to answer questions.
Teacher speaking to class of children, distracted, bored and with pens in their mouths.

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