Film: 3737

Shipping | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Follows the men who volunteer to be members of the Lifeboat and launching lifeboats when a distress call is received by the Coastguard 1950's

Commentary on how God made the Earth and the seas. View of stormy seas crashing against rocks. View of gentle waves lapping on a beach. Fishermen set lobster pots. Seaside resorts, children and dogs play in the sea. Bathers. Joy boat ride. Pier. Tenby. Man selling balloons on the beach. A girl lets go of a balloon and it flies up into the sky. Commentary says summer is gone and here are the grey skies of winter. Tenby, Pembrokeshire, West Wales in winter. Sand shifting in the wind.

Woman ironing listening to the shipping forecast on the radio. A man at Illfracombe Radio receives a mayday message from a ship in distress. Man asks for ships name and location. He relays the information to the coastguard and informs them that the ships engine is broken and that they are drifting somewhere near the island of Lundy. Coastguard contacts the Lifeboat. Lifeboat Secretary takes the call. He in turn contacts the lifeboat crew. They come running to the harbour. They row out to the waiting lifeboat that is anchored in a calm harbour. The lifeboat crew head towards open sea. It is stormy. The lifeboat Secretary waits on shore to receive information. Aerial shot of the lifeboat in a vast and stormy sea. Lifeboat Secretary thinks the missing ship may have drifted towards Minehead. He contacts the Minehead lifeboat. Good shots of men pushing the lifeboat towards the sea to launch it. It is on a wheel base. The lifeboat is launched on the beach from the wheel base. Onlookers watch the lifeboat departing. Ilfracombe radio tries to contact the ship in distress. Tenby Lifeboat Secretary gets a call from Lundy Island coastguard. Lundy Island coastguard fires the signal to get the lifeboat crew together. The signal is heard all over the village. The lifeboat crew leave what they are doing and come running. They launch their lifeboat. Good shots of the lifeboat going down its runway and splash into the sea. Woman stands on a cliff in the strong wind. She watches the lifeboat leave. Men on the lifeboat battle high seas. The bow of the ship sometimes goes under the waves. Woman in her home looks at a photograph of her husband. Commentary says wives and girlfriends can only wait for their loved ones to return. She listens to the shipping forecast. She sets the dinner table in anticipation of her husbands return. Tenby lifeboat at dawn the next morning. The sea is calmer. They find the missing vessel. The lifeboat calls the coastguard. The lifeboat picks up survivors from the missing ship and returns to Tenby. Commentary says there are 150 lifeboat stations across the UK. Woman at the dock greet their returning men. One survivor rescued from the floundering ship is injured and is taken to hospital. The others are made welcome in the village.

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