Film: 3738

Shipping | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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"Situation Display", Kelvin Hughes designed new method of marine radar. Many radars on ships 1970's

TV-type display controls. Sealink ferries. On the bridge of a ship looking at the radar screen. Views of different radar systems. Naval officer watching the radar. Close up of radar controls. Close up of radar screen showing moving targets. Several officers can watch the screen at the same time. View of a ship passing. View of a lighthouse. Foggy conditions. Radar and watch officer track other vessels in the area. Officer uses binoculars when another vessel is tracked to be near by. The display on the radar matches real life. View of ships which are being tracked by radar. Large ship. Sea walls and static object appear on the radar and are sharply defined. View of radar screen showing islands. View of a buoy that is shown on radar. Ships bridge. Monitor screens show the radar image throughout the ship. Ship approaching Stockholm. Radar tracks course through the outlying islands. Ship 'Viking Line'. View of the coast on approach to Stockholm. Radar tracks another ship that appears from behind an island. The two ships pass each other. Approaching Stockholm at night. The radar shows the islands. Shore based installation at Leith in Firth of Forth, Scotland. Views of ships around the world fitted with radar.

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