Film: 374

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Chile, South America 1940's

Santiago over the mountains, large waterfalls, forests, lumberjacks, cattle, cowboys, skiing in the snow, skiing competitions, camping.
The Andes. Aerial views of Santiago. Airliner with seven passenger windows on each side of the fuselage. Inside aircraft, seeing the snowy mountains the peaks of which are higher than our point of view. External shot of aircraft and mountains. A lake in the mountains. Snow and jagged peaks. Hanging glacier? A snow capped extinct volcano seen from a lake. A stationary steam boat on a lake with steam coming from funnel. Impressive peak. Man using axe in forest, with mountains behind. Black and white Friesian cattle. Two cowboys on horses, both smoking. Alpine type of house in the high mountains. The sport of skiing. Woman waxing skis. Woman putting suntan oil or cream or lotion on her face. Cooking outside a tent. The Chilean flag.

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