Film: 3743

Social History | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Borstal for young people and incarceration for crime in youth 1940's

Father of young criminal and head of borstal talk about his son. Boys bricklaying. Boy gets a talking to. Turning hay. Hay making, milking cow. Swimming, cricket, boys fighting. Boys at film show (cowboys), boys smoking. Sound breaks down and boy repairs it. No smoking sign and boy tells borstal head not to smoke. Boys have sing song. Released from cott (Pigeons). Football. Teams drink tea from urn. Welfare officer. Combs hair. Tenement blocks and slums. Boy fixing loudspeakers. Girl at borstal charges out of uniform to dress and looks in mirror. Becomes a typist. Typewriter cover. Puts on coat and leaves. Friends of boy try to lead him astray. Feel his lapels "nice bit of stuff, that". Man winds clock on mantelpiece. Boy comes in from pouring rain. In his pyjamas. Loudspeakers play music. Boy lights cigarette and passes it along to others. Borstal chapel. Head talks from lectern. Fred returns to his streets. Line of washing on railings.

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