Film: 3744

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Cuba 1960's

Funeral procession. Cuban flags in crowd. Painter abseils down mountain and creates revolutionary painting on rockface. Revolutionary with gun calls villagers and factory workers out. Fires in the cane fields. Troops watch coast on second anniversary of revolution. Big guns. Large headline "Imminenete Invasion Yanqui". Procession marches down street. Ban, military drumming and nervousness turns to carnival and rumba music. People dance in streets. Police play maracas and other instruments and bongos (banjos).
The following shots are from around the world.
Car racing (Saloon cars) crashes and skids. Electric fan. Doctor measures man's nose. Queen Elizabeth models. Kennedy. War in Congo and Laos. South Africa apartheid - signs reading blacks only or whites only in Afrikaans. Boxer celebrates victory. Pop group on stage. Audience fight…… Dolphin. Matador gored.
Then back to Cuba. French newspapers quote New York Times about expected invasion of Cuba. Le Monde "Attaque Aerienne sur un havre et Santiago." Very sympathetic French commentary. Car drives along motorway. Las Villas, where landings took place (Bay of Pigs), filmed weeks before? Workers. Crocodiles all over mud.

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