Film: 3746

Farming + Rural Life | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Mustafa and his family live in a small agricultural village near the River Nile. The fields surround the village and are irrigated at night by large hand operated waterwheels. Three crops a year are grown. Agricultural advisers have helped farmers to use modern farming methods. Oxen working plough. Planting corn by hand. In one field, a cotton crop is sprayed with chemicals. Life in the village is a curious mixture of old and new cultures. The women who don't work in the fields perform all the household tasks: cooking, milking, drawing water from the village well. Village market. The children attend a modern school and participate in government sponsored health programme. At noon, the muezzin calls for mid-day prayers and, afterwards, the family eats lunch together. In the evening, the men return from the fields for dinner. Later, the women listen to the radio and sew while the men smoke and drink coffee and discuss the latest news. Man clears ditch to channel water to field. Oxen working water wheel.

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