Film: 3749

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Gold Mining in South Africa

Gold has been used in many parts of the world in connection with religious buildings and artifacts. Britain became a centre for marketing gold. Gold is easy to work - goldsmith shown at wok gilding; 50 miles of gold wire from 1oz of gold. Johannesburg in South Africa mines gold two miles deep with a network of hundreds of miles of tunnels to seek out the rare gold. 3 tons of rock is reduced to powder etc. Process is shown from the mining of the rock right through to the finished product, the gold ingots. Gold used in industry, surgery, architecture, cables on seabed, aircraft, windscreens, Concorde engines, electronic equipment and in outer space. (Scenes from the Moon's surface shown).. Craftsmen at work making gold jewelery and girls shoiw it off. Zurich banks and stock exchange. Gold can be readily purchased. In California, people still pan for gold and find it. Coin-making, gold bars, gold bullion by the tonne, solid gold bath in Japan. Scenes fro Berlin border post. Hong Kong, Macau.

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