Film: 3751

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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New Zealand travelogue 1950's

Shots of beaches. The first two do not look like New Zealand beaches. Shot of a piece of drift wood in the surf, that looks like the prow of a canoe. Maori carving at entrance to path. Maori woman on a Marae outside a meeting house weaving a skirt from flax. Maori stick games including close ups. Globe with path of immigration from the Pacific Islands to New Zealand, and from Britain to New Zealand. Ruined stone cottage. Fertile farmlands. Aerial shot of industrial area, the dark satanic mills. Pan over Newcastle. Fertile farmlands in New Zealand with mountains behind. Lyttleton harbour in Canterbury, South Island. Snow covered Southern Alps. Fjords in Marlborough Sounds. Beach on the East Coast. Hot springs in the Central North Island. Boiling mud pools near Rotorua. A geyser blowing. More farmland in a valley. Train in central North Island near Taumaranui. Point of view shot from train with engine and freight carriages. A gorge with a bridge. Main street of a small farming community, the street has horses and cars. View of the Gold coast on the North Island near Wellington, from the top of Paekakariki Hill. A plane flies over central Auckland before the Harbour Bridge is built. Avon River in Christchurch. A tram going down a hill in Dunedin, the Edinburgh of the South. Wooden weather board typical New Zealand houses in central urban areas, with verandahs. Perhaps in Wellington. Burning forest. Native New Zealand bush. Two men chop down a tree with a hand saw. The tree falls, it could be a kauri. Various farmland types including sheep, a horse. A farm in the Mangaweka. Farmers on horses with their dogs. Mustering sheep down a hill. A farmer rounding up cows with other shepherds. A hospital or sanitorium built circa 1930s. Old age pensioners sitting on benches. School dental nurse training school in Willis Street, Wellington. A huge room with lots of dental nurses working on patients. A school dental nurse and young school girl in the dental clinic at school. Dental nurse surrounded by school children in the playground at a single storey primary school. Children in the country going to school on a pony. Tying pony to fence. Dropping children off by car. A calf club. Art class in high school. Students draw a life model in a wheelbarrow. Shots of students paintings including a young girl. Correspondence school in remote rural areas. Three children sit round a kitchen table piled with books. Canterbury University (or Otago University?) students talking to one another on campus. Street scene. Typical New Zealand street with verandahs over the shops. Auckland street. New Zealanders sitting at the beach including women in bathing costumes. Boats berthed at jetties. People paddling in the water nearby. Fishermen fly casting. A line of fisherman trout fishing in a lake (perhaps Taupo). Skiing. Sailing. A speed boat on Lake Taupo with Ruapehu, Ngaruahoe and Tongariro mountains behind. Young primary school age boys playing rugby. Secondary school boys playing rugby. The All Blacks. Supporters doing the haka. Horse racing and the trots. Excited race watchers in the crowd. The totalizer (or tote) with lots of people placing bets. More farmland. Haymaking using an old car to push hay. Sheep being shepherded down a road, holding up a car in the distance. Cattle being rounded up and crossing a river on a high country sheep station in he Southern Alps. Close up of cows walking down the road to the milking shed. A machine churns out butter. Inside the dairy factory. Loading barrels of butter. Sheep at the stock yards for slaughter. Inside the abattoir. Skinning dead sheep on the killing chain. Unloading meat (sheep perhaps) at the dock in England. New Zealand butter being unloaded at an English dock including close ups of the boxes of butter. Combine harvester harvesting grain. A woman ties a sheaf of grain together, perhaps wheat. Farmland in the mountains. A hunter hangs his opossum skins out to dry. Also rabbit skins including close ups. A mountain goat scurries down a path pursued by a hunter. Great shot of him aiming. Goat is hit. Gratutitous shots of lots of goats falling down rock faces, sides of mountains etc. Burning off bush for farmland. Aerial shot of mountains covered in snow. Woodlands cut down for farmland showing erosion of land. More shots of cattle. Aerial view of Kaingaroa Forest in Central North Island. Airplane checking for forest fire. Road sign saying Motorists Use Your Ashtrays Keep New Zealand Green. Also a sign reading One tree will make a million matches, one match can destroy a million trees. Bulldozers pulling felled logs out. Logging trucks take the logs to a timber mill (Kawerau). Very good shots of logging trucks. Building of a new factory called Modern Plastics NZ Ltd. McAlpine refrigeration factory. Coal mine including close ups of coal cars and interiors of the mine (possibly West Coast, Greymouth, Hokitika, Westport in the South Island). Factory making steam locomotives specific to New Zealand. Electricity sub station. Hydroelectric power station. Interior of power station showing turbines. Explosion in the rock face near a river, building more hydro electric stations on the Waikato River. Dam construction in progress. Huka Falls on the Waikato River in the North Island. A&P (Agricultural and Pastoral) show with parade of prize cattle. Farmers inspect a tractor, stand around a potato virus stand, watch another cattle parade. Children in a pony parade, gymkhana. Show jumping side play. Three men sit on the front fender of a car and catch the show. Lone boy on a horse in desolate landscape. A child on a stretcher is taken out onto a jetty to be taken to a hospital. More shots of isolated areas of New Zealand. Lord Rutherford of Nelson. David Lowe cartoon and David Low working on a drawing. A Maori. Another Maori (as the tone of the commentary would have us believe ). Maoris on the marae, playing tennis, entertaining tourists in Rotorua. Maori poi dance using short poi including close ups of Maori women. Ploughing land by horse. Spraying fruit. Shifting wood. A Maori policeman. A Maori teacher teaching Maori in a Maori School. A health visitor goes to see a Maori woman living in the back blocks in an old settler's houses. A chair is passed out to be used as a step to reach the front door. A race track with the camera concentrating on the Maori people at the meet. School children running out of school. People filling into a large Maori meeting house in the country. Male speakers speak on the Marae. Putting a vote into the ballot box. Sound track speaks of the four Maori parliamentary seats. New Zealand electoral poster reading NZ needs a new government, vote National. Two men boil a billy by the side of the road. Woman political campaigner talking to a housewife at her door. Sir Walter Nash speaking. General Freyberg, the Governor General of New Zealand, in Samoa. Samoan dancers. War memorial for New Zealand soldiers of the Expeditionary Force, 8th August 1915. Gallipoli beach. Cavalry in Palestine. The trenches of the Somme. Second World War pilots dropping bombs. Night raids on Germany. The Great Spree. Atlantic convoys. North Africa. Italy. Greece. Maori soldiers in battle in the Pacific. Throwing grenades. New Zealand troop ship. Distances from New Zealand to other parts of the globe. Sign post with distances in miles to Calcutta, Hong Kong, Alexandria, Johannesburg, London. Amphibious planes landing in Auckland Harbour. Urban subdivision of state houses. Builders building new houses, painting weather board houses. A multi-storey apartment building in Willis Street, Wellington. A thirties style apartment block. Typical New Zealand suburban house with added extensions etc. A street of thirties style stucco housing. A modern single storey house with walls of windows. A tug brings a ship into harbour (cannot read the name). Electricity worker works on a pylon. A nurse gives a child patient a bed bath. Various factory workers. A man driving a caterpillar tractor. A Christmas tree and a man handing out a gift to a small girl. A children's birthday party. A child swings on a swing. A baby is weighed. Children and a teacher in a rural area climb over a stile on their way to school.

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