Film: 3759

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W + Colour


The Home Guard in World War Two (Local Defence Volunteers). Amateur home movie. This may be the 66th Battalion West Riding Home Guard…very Dad's Army !

Introductory titles. " 'B' of the 66th…The year was 1940…" Archive footage of Hitler at a Nazi meeting, small crowd of soldiers.

B/W. Close up of a Ferguson wireless (radio). A bald man smoking a cigarette (Mr Everyman) listens to Mr Eden. A middle aged man wearing a cap and carrying a small suitcase walks with his wife past some bushes, they embrace goodbye. A blackboard notice reads "Police Station. Volunteers for L.D.V. Queue Here. A policeman takes down notes. A volunteer fills in a form.

Colour. A man in a Home Guard uniform looks at the camera, smoking a pipe. A crowd of Home Guards walk past the camera, some smiling and smoking, they are of all ages. Some carry rifles. Military vehicles.

"We recall our first name - Parashots". A vehicle drives into the yard, a member of the Home Guard aims his weapon at a high target.

B/W. The Home Guard gather by their cars and vehicles. They stand in open country. Some lay on the ground and load their rifles. Standing outside the John H Brougham pub. They are lectured in a field by a man who stands with his hand in his pocket. View from the top of a hill of men climbing up it. The men stand in a field. One stands pointing his cane. Assault course exercises. Practising throwing grenades. Bayonet practice on sacks of straw.

"Weekend exercises on the Moors". Crawling into a shelter made of branches and leaves. Setting off explosives, which goes wrong. Explosive fails, they have to creep back and re-do it. They manage to blow up a rock.

Steaming tins of something. One man pours a bottle of milk into a can.

Home guard passing out parade, watched by spectators. Some of the Home Guard walk along a high pipe, holding their weapons. Assault course exercises. Clambering upside down along a rope between trees. Climbing a wall. Running race. A mock battle exercise. The men line up to be presented with medals by a lady wearing a hat.

Colour. "At last the Chrysalis becomes the Butterfly". Brass band stand to attention with soldiers. Seated spectators as the Home Guard stand for a Church service on a cricket pitch. Priest or vicar at Drum Head service. Some mens' caps are laid on the drum. Salute.

B/W. The Home Guard stand in a street as pedestrians pass by. One man rolls a cigarette and smokes.

Colour. In 1947 the same men meet after the war in their civvies. They walk up to the camera one by one and make various gestures. A little girl also walks up. All wear jackets and ties. Some smoke pipes.

B/W. They drink tea outside a building.


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