Film: 3760

Geography | 1930 | Silent | B/W


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Reforestation and water supply. The Appalachians. United States of America.
School lesson with teacher showing a film 1930's

The wasteful cutting of trees and how a forest looks after cover is removed. Reforesting saves soil and replenishes the land. A class lesson on reforestation. The class unites with other schools to help plant seedlings obtained from the State Nursery. They are shown how to plant the seedlings. Model T Fords. After planting they all have a picnic (a dog carries a box to join them). They cut cakes from baking tins. They clear up and have a pile of rubbish which they burn then cover with soil.
Purifying water. Fountains in the city. How water is tunnelled from a lake to the city for use in industry.
Water may contain a sediment. Settling tanks used to purify water. How water can be filtered through sand and gravel (experiment shown).
A purifying plant. Cleaning up sediment.
A demonstration of how water can contain harmful bacteria and how a house drain can affect a nearby well. A processing plant for the addition of chlorine to destroy bacteria. Testing of water.
Duration 21 mins 45 secs

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