Film: 3763

Industry + Work | 1940 | Sound | Colour


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Pearly King and Queen collecting money from greengrocer. Shot of loose buttons on a table. Woman lighting cigarette in a domestic living room (flowers on coffee table), she runs across to white Bakelite radio to reduce the volume and then back to pick up telephone (green Bakelite). The male commentator talks of the every day uses of plastic. Man fishing in river, electric train approaching and passing camera, trolley bus (commentator states these things depend on plastic), chemists in laboratory, bridge over river, sheep feeding on grass, man hitting rock with pick axe, crane in open quarry, coal miners at the coal face (shirts off, helmets on, very dirty), factory chimney and black smoke. Good shot of scientist in laboratory (lots of glass tubes). Battersea power station (interior and exterior), London. Making plastics: man in laboratory pouring resin into tray, left to cool. It forms hard plastic. Factory production of plastic, resin being poured into large trays, room full of trays drying. Dried resin being broken up, put into large drum to be ground into powder. Other powders added and mixed. Poured into strips of plastic. Pulled off rollers for moulding. Draughtsmen in drawing office designing moulds. Lathe operator making moulds. Man filling mould (while smoking pipe). Plastic powder being poured into mould. The mould of a telephone, moulded around screws and connecting wires. Telephone receiver being taken out of mould by operator using asbestos gloves. Enormous plastic press in factory. Newly moulded combs. Telephones being polished by women in factory's finishing shop. Laminating, impregnation of paper with resin while in a liquid form. Enormous sheets of treated paper. These go to form boards that make table tops. Gear wheels being made from laminated fabric. Large hollow tubes made out of impregnated paper, large tubes being moved around in factory. Operator oiling press. Tube being machined on lathe to make insulator. Shed being lowered on to insulator in factory. Knitting needles and buttons being made (enormous bucket with mechanical arms mixing the plastic powder). Celluloid being made in large vat. Cellulose and alcohol mixed and then go into kneading machine, camphor and solvent added then mixed. Comes out looking like rubber, put on heated rollers to harden. On tables these are cut to size and then pressed together while being heated. Block of celluloid appears. These are then shaved by enormous machines operated by women. A comb being cut from block of celluloid, woman operating machine. The comb's points being polished on buffer. Toothbrush being made out of celluloid, handles being made in press, holes being drilled by machine, women buffing and polishing the handles. Tubes for bicycle pumps emerging from machine. Commentator recaps.

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