Film: 3765

London | 1930 | Silent | B/W


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A day in London.

Chimney pots, rooftops and 360 degree panoramic view of London. Norway House. Nelson's Column. Battersea Power Station in the distance. Man putting out lamps along the Embankment. A milkman wearing a cap pushes his milk cart to deliver milk. The lettering on the cart reads "Express Dairy. 81 Bishops Road Bayswater. Cream half price". There is also a royal crest and "By Appointment". He walks up steps carrying a wire basket of milk. Close up of the step, he puts a bottle of milk on it. A policeman walks under a bridge and moves on a tramp who is laying under the bridge. The policeman walks on. The tramp walks slowly up the steps.

Ships and boats on the Thames. The Tower of London in the distance. Man putting up billboards for The Daily Mirror. One reads "Last Night's Football. Experts. Reports". Dustmen empty wicker and metal dustbins into the rubbish lorry. Slippered feet appear on a doorstep and a woman's arm reaches down to pick up the bottle of milk. Montage of clocks. One reads eight o'clock. Men cycling up to an Underground station as a train passes. View of a tube train from above. A tube train rushes through an above ground station (Hammersmith?). Aerial view of a group of stationary buses at an open air Bus station (Victoria?). A conductor jumps onto the platform of a General bus. There is an advertisement for Bisto on the back. It is the 184 to Holborn, Cheapside and Acton. Trams along the Embankment, they carry advertisements for Saxa salt, Reids Special Stout, Bovril and Guinness. A motorcycle rides past.

Commuters crossing bridge into the city going to work, horse-drawn cart, cyclists. Shots of many legs and feet. A man bends down to pick up a cigarette stub. Sign on a building for the News of the World. Women clocking in and working on machinery in factories. A man takes something out of a furnace. A woman is bent over her work, moving her fingers quickly. Men sealing crates of rawlplugs. A bus driver squeezes the bus horn.

Lovely 1930's cars near Trafalgar Square. St Martin-in-the Fields church is visible. People ringing bells, blowing horns. Piccadilly Circus. Various clocks outside buildings show one o'clock. Post office. One clock has a sign for Greenwich Mean Time. Near it is a pub sign for Henekeys. The National Provincial Bank. Sign for Café. Lunchtime; cafés and restaurants. Rich and poor eating. Man feeding ducks. Carthorses eating from nosebags. Billboard carriers. Street artists, men talking in street, street cleaner. Street vendor, selling children's wind-up toys. Trafalgar Square. People feeding pigeons. People laughing. Man cleaning hat, after pigeon. Street cleaner. Park; people riding horses, children playing, playground swings etc., model boats on lake, people in pedal-boats, canoes, row-boats, deckchairs. Man raking up leaves. Swimmers, divers. Dock scenes, boats, cranes. Tower Bridge. Children playing in Thames. Sailing boats, liners, cranes, loading cargo. Fruit and vegetable stalls, market street. 'The Star': loading, delivering, selling newspapers. Evening. Shop windows. Night lights, signs lit up. Cinema queues, bar. Buses return to depot. Cat eating scraps. Tramp goes back to sleep under bridge.

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