Film: 377

London | 1930 | Sound | B/W


River Thames, London 1930's

The docks and port at the Pool of London.
Tugs and barges.
Tower of London and Tower bridge opening and a tug passes under, view passing under the girders. Motor launch. Prospect of Whitby pub. Rowing Thames barge and sailing thames barges, cork and bananas as cargo. Tugs. Stepney Parish church. West India dock. The Regent's canal entrance, dredgers at work. Deptford with sailing ships. Rows of thames barges for the Medway. Greenwich. Billowing sailing barge. Greenhithe Victory. Petroleum refinery. Tilbury Docks cranes and ocean liners. Tilbury docks custom house. Ocean liners procession.
Close look at Shell BP refinery at Tilbury, steam trains and tankers.

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