Film: 3771

Farming + Rural Life | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Guernsey, Channel Islands, U.K.
Staged account of a farmer who is considering changing his herd of dariy cows of mixed breed to farm only Guernsey or Jersey cows. The film follows the farmer as he researches the breeds and the profit margins that can be achieved from producing Channel Island milk.

Milk Marketing Board Conference. Speech by Vice President of the MMB. He talks about quality milk and its marketing. Shuttleworth Agricultural College. Profit of Channel Island milk, profit per acre. 3 pence more profit per gallon. Channel Island breeds produce creamier milk. Problems of milk production. Winter milk. Keeping the herd producing through the winter. Discussion on economics. Finding a buyer. (Not a cow so far!) Discussion on meat from Channel Island herds, the fat is yellowish so not so much profit as other breeds. Graphs showing profits. Discuss the problems of switching herds. Visit to a farm with Jersey cows. Herd grazing in a meadow. Farmers discuss how much costs are and how much profit they can make. Yields discussed. Are Jerseys not very hardy? Jersey herd in Canada so are hardy. Jersey is most popular cow. Herd of Guernsey cows on another farm. Discuss the merits of the breed over Jersey cows. Discuss merits of individual cows. Visit to dairy. Minimum of 4% butterfat or the dairy will not accept the milk. Livestock auction. Discuss good points of dairy cows - good strong udders! Close up of a cow's udders from the back and from the side. View of Guernsey and Jersey cows in a flower meadow. Farmer decides to buy Channel Island cows.

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