Film: 3772

Food + Drink | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Delia Smith. Medieval banquet, eating. Tinned strawberries. Ice houses, Carlo Gatti horse cart with ice. Husky cart in Eskimo land. Quick frozen foods, home freezers. Upright and chest type freezers. Delia, explains pros and cons. Why food goes bad, oxidation, enzymes. Freezing blackberries, apples. Vegetables. Butcher's shop, meat prepared in portions. Fish. Labelling and dating. Thaw properly. Vegetables straight into pan whereas meat and fish are thawed in fridge.
Of the food she's just placed in her chest freezer, Delia says: 'Are they going to lose protein content? Are they going to lose calories? Well the answer to that is 'No', but are they going to lose any vitamin content? Well, everything once picked does lose them, and in an ideal world, well we'd all like to eat our vegetables straight from the garden, but nowadays, even fresh food in the shops does lose some vitamin content.', and on taking the food out of the freezer: 'you can lose some nutritional value if you don't thaw your food correctly when the time comes. In general, the faster the thawing, the better for the nutrients and the taste. You can put meat straight into a casserole for quick thawing, although do be careful that's it's absolutely thawed before adding any other ingredients to your masterpiece. The great exception to all this is poultry and large joints of meat, because if these went straight from the freezer into the oven, the outside would be charred black long before the centre had thawed.'
Also says of buying meat 'You don’t want to buy meat that’s been frozen once before because there will be a loss of quality'
No mention of food poisoning, and a thoroughly dodgy piece of advice from Delia Smith.

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