Film: 3773

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Banks and Banking. Four men meet in a public house. They all wear suits, drink pints of beer, followed by shorts, and smoke cigarettes and discuss their various aspects of banking. Very 1970's style of corporate film.
Busy streets in city. Mansion House, London. City at night. In the public house. Banking people discuss banking. Cheque sorting. Bank automation. Necessity of security on loans - "Lend to the man." One person to say yes to a loan. Two to say no - it goes to Head Office. Processing a loan. Businessman wants to convert a cinema into a bowling alley, disco, club etc.. Loan refused. The banking people discuss computerisation but this doesn't affect personal service. Early auto-bank - video screens to cashier, "and she looks as pretty on a video screen as she does behind the counter." Quick service counter. Night-safes. Cash dispensers. Lady buys at auction - she has a cheque card and cheque for extra money. Travellers cheques - coach travellers with souvenirs, wine, hats, cuckoo clock etc.. Husband and wife return home to no electricity, gas or water. Arranging instalment payments. Early computers with tapes. Trustee. Garage - rally cars. High performance cars in the workshop. Stock dealers and brokers at work. Currency dealing. Qualities of a branch manager are discussed. They leave the pub. Marathon run on Parliament Hill fields. Assault course. Rugby match. Men getting very muddy. Canoeing - they break ice before getting in. Younger manager with senior managers. Summary of various types of banking.

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