Film: 3781

Farming + Rural Life | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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Wheat supply of Canada.
Map of North America. USA produces a large amount of wheat but it has a large population therefore does not export very much. Canada also produces a large amount of wheat but it has a small population therefore it can export.

Level plains of the prairies. Deep snow in winter. As the snow melts it provides water to germinate the new seed. Farmer overhauls tractor in winter, then in Spring he does ploughing, harrowing. Boys help get seed out of barn, into tiller, sowing by tractor, wheat grows. Farmer listens on radio for weather reports, in spring he wants rain, in summer he fears violent storms which will destroy his crop. He inspects wheat to see if time to harvest, horses bring sheaves to thresher. Harvest time is long hard work. They picnic in the fields rather than stop for lunch. Machines cut the grain which falls to the ground and dries in the sun. Harvesters pick up the wheat and take the ear from the stalk, transfer the ears of grain to lorries moving along side. Modern combine-harvester, can cut the wheat and split the stalk from the grain. Rows of harvesters at work. Lorries take the grain to depots where it is unloaded. Grain to elevators to await trains, samples tested for quality. Train is loaded. Long trains to Vancouver and Churchill (not seen). Winnipeg: streets, corn exchange, traders, room with lots of shouting men waving their hands. Trains in sidings, long trains depart, lakeside elevators, wagons unloaded. In summer the grain is transported over the Great Lakes in ships. 'Whale back' ships are loaded at Port Arthur and Fort William. Hatches down and ship leaves Winnipeg for Montreal across Lake Superior 2000 mile journey View of Lake Superior. It is about the same size as Ireland and can have heavy swells. View of a ship in stormy water. View of Lake Erie, view of Detroit on USA side of the lakes. Windsor, and one shot of Ontario. Lake Ontario, rapids. The Weland ship canal is alongside so ships can pass. Steps of lock, ship passes through, aerial view, Lake Ontario to Lawrence River, ships along canals, unloaded at Montreal. Huge grain elevators unload and load the grain. Grain is transferred to ocean-going vessels. Lots of British ships, they leave to cross the sea. Canadian grain is exported all over the world.

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