Film: 3784

Medicine | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Tracing the source of infection in a hospital ward for new born babies. Experiments and laboratory tests on staff to find out how the infection started. Pemphigus Neonatorum
New born baby being looked after by nurses who wear face masks. Diagram showing how thin a new born babies skin is compared with an adult. Babies skin is suseptable to letting bacteria in and causing infection. Baby with nasty blistering. Baby is isolated with his mother. Babies contract infection generally by transmitting bacteria on the hands of those attending the baby. Animation highlights hands as carriers of infection. Swab is taken from the infected baby. Swabs also taken from all medical staff who have had contact with the baby and the mother to find out who is carrying the infection. Swabs taken by inserting a large cotton bud into the nose. Swabs also taken from the hands. The nose harbours many bacteria. Growing cultures of bacteria from the swabs. In the laboratory they put the samples in the incubator to grow cultures. Grown bacteria is mixed with distilled water to form a suspension. Suspension is then mixed with a coagulator, if the suspesion coagulates the bactria is the same as the one causing the infection, if the suspension does not coagulate the sample is free from infection. This test elimates half the medical staff as the carrier. Next is the Phage test. Cultures from the potential culprits are grown. Culture from the bateria that caused the infection is grown it is Staphylococcus. The bateria is grown at different stages. The suspected people have their swabs put onto petri dishes that are marked with 25 squares so 25 different test can be conducted. When the petri dish culture matches the test results of the Staphylococcus bateria that will show who the carrier is. The midwife tests prove positive. She blew her nose before handling the baby without washing her hands. She also rubbed her nose through the face mask she was wearing so picking up germs and then she changed the babies nappy.
All items that the baby came into contact with are also tested for bacteria. The weighing scales, the nappies, the ointment, the towels. Woman working in the laundry found to also carry the infection, she passed it on to the midwife by drying their hands on the same towel.

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