Film: 3786

Railways | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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A Safety Film for workers on London Transport, particularly for those working on the railway tracks and train yards.

Narrator says you would not expect to have an accident doing ordinary things. If you follow safety you can enjoy yourself. View of people having fun in a swimming pool.
Map of London underground train system. Diagram of tracks. The outside track is called the CESS. Then there is the 4 Foot Way, 10 Foot Way, 6 Foot Way. The CESS is the safety track. Direction of train travel is indicated by signals and wooden blocks in the track. Steam trains. Steam can happer vision. Electrified track. View of track rails the running rails, the positive rail and the negitive rail. The electricity can jump between the positive and negetive rail. Experiment showing electricity jumping from one thing to another. Workers on the railways track. Loose clothing can cause the electricity to jump. View of a worker securing loose clothing and carefully stepping over the electric rails. View of worker facing an on coming train. He stands still til the train passes. View of train driver. Drivers must be on the look out for people on the track and he must blow the whistle. Workers Look-Out man keeps gangs of rail workers safe. Workers get off the track when a train comes. A man lies down in the 6 Foot Way. Two trains travelling in opposite directions pass over him. Narrator says it is safe but only do this in an emergency. Shovelling gravel between the rails. Narrator says don’t hold the metal part of the shovel in case it touches the electric track. One man's shovel touches the track and he is electricuted. Railway signals automatically go to emergency. Workers on the track help the injured man. He lives.
Sign 'Beware of Shunting'. Narrator says beware of stationary trains and carriages. Railway yard full of rolling stock, carriages, trains and workers. A train begins to move and a man is knocked down. Good footage of carriages bumping into each other. Men walking on the track. Their small rail cart with tins on it starts to move. They chase it. It gathers speed and finally crashes causing tins to fall onto the electric track and cause a fire.
Hourglass. Narrator says to take time to think to avoid accidents.

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