Film: 3787

Aviation | 1940 | Silent | B/W


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Bristol Brabazon aircraft. Its construction.

Map showing the Atlantic Ocean. Animation shows that it is 3504 miles from London to New York. Animation of aircraft flying from London to New York. As the plane travels the animation indicates its fuel consumption. Animation of various aeroplanes and how fuel consumption increases with a heavier pay load or cargo.
Factory in an aircraft hangar. Building planes. Aircraft skeleton, a shell of the plane. Constructing a runway. Panning view of the airfield. Machinary.
Diagram showing an aircraft outline on end against Nelson's column. The aircraft is 170 feet long. Construction of hangars at an airport or airfield. Men walk along the roof line of a hangar under construction. Building three new hangars. Wooden framework of a plane being built. Men fit the propellers to the aircraft and wooden slats which run the length of the body of the aeroplane. Fitting coverings to the wings Constructing the fussilage. Man tests pilots seat, it can be adjusted up or down. Manufacturing and engineering equipment and machinary. Producing parts for the aircraft. Plane in a hanger is nearly finished.

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