Film: 3788

Sport | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Motorcycle rally. 1952 Victory Trial. 45 mile course in various stages. Motorcross, scrambling etc.

Motorcycle meet. Lots of people standing around. Great footage of old bikes, riders wearing goggles, ladies in 1950's fashions.
The Starter sends out one motorcycle at a time on the first stage of the course. Motorbikes on country lanes going over moorland. Off road. Mud traps some riders. Steep gullys form part of the course and some motorcycles get stuck in the mud. Onlookers follow the riders progress along the course. Riders get points and marked on their performance. That stage of the race over, the riders take their goggles off and relax in the sun. Plowden Wall part of the course where competitors have to ride their bikes uphill through very wet mud. Course runs through a gully in woodlands. Back on the top of the moor. Steep downhill course with hairin bends. Course goes back onto the road. Aldon part of the course back into woodland. Motorbikes slide in the mud. Wheels spinning. Flooded lane, cycles struggle to get up the hill. Stuck in the mud. Sidecar test for riders. Break test, motorcycles must stop nearest to a white line. Uphill test for riders. Meet after the race is finished. The winner is announced.

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