Film: 3794

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Billy burke, bully of the village makes fun of two well dressed men driving geese. Text: Boys come see this fool. Not like being made a fool of the gentleman knocks Billy Burke off the wall and knocks his hat off. They fight.
Sir Thomas Apreece watches and makes himself known. Text: You are a man of spirit Sir! I should like to make your acquaintance. Text My name is Hardcastle. In Lancashire they call me mad squire of Fylde and Egad. When I see my bank book I think they're right.
Sir Thomas Apreece stated he had come to town and looked in at The Corinthian where he heard Lord Barrymore boasting of his horsemanship.
The Earl Barrymore an impecuous leader of fashion at The Corinthians Club where men and woment of Society met to gamble and gossip.
A first wager was made between Barrymore and Hardcastle Text: I bet you one thousand guineas I will find something you cannot drive from here to my country seat in twenty-four hours. Text: I select your team - five geese!
The second wager. Text: As you are fond of eccentric wagers you will no doubt be willing to fight me for any sum you name. I wager ten thousand you cannot find a man to beat the flaming Tinman within a year. They toast.
Text: Lady Carrie Fanshaw the most charming filly in the matrimonal stakes!. Hardcastle objects to a lady being talked of so flippantly and makes another wager.
Text: I wager my estate fifty thousand that I will woo, win and wed her within a year.
Barrymore dishonourably tells Lacy Carrie Fanshaw of Hardcastle's wager andhow he resents Hardcastle's boast.
The first wager is won by Squire Hardcastle driving the geese.
There is a duel between Hardcastle and Fanshawe over the wager concerning his sister. Barrymore gives the signal. Lady Carrie Fanshaw rides up on horseback and Hardcastle turns to see her being shot in the shoulder by her brother. She goes to Hardcastles rescue thus showing her love. Another wager is won.
Harry Fanshawe realising he had been wrong about Hardcastle makes friends.
Two months later the fight takes place. Tinman prepares for the fight assuring Barrymore that he will win his ten thousand.
Hardcastles man, gentleman Jeffries, prepares for the fight but is maliciously attacked and can no longer fight. With only seconds to go Hardcastle goes into the boxing ring.
Squire Hardcastle wins the fight and the third wager. The crowd cheer him and he asks for Barrymore to pay up.
Barrymore is carried off and thrown in a stream.
Text: The health of the squire who has won all his wagers.

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