Film: 3796

Sport | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Motor Racing with Mike Hawthorne Stirling Moss, Fangio at Grand Prix 1953, Nurburgring, Germany

Documentary of 1953 German Grand Prix at the Nurburgring, showing preparations, practice and the race itself.

Farmyard scene, farmer with wooden bullock drawn cart loaded with sacks. Stone farmhouse, bedding being aired out of windows. Front door of farm building, Volkswagen Beetle in foreground, couple welcomed by farmer's wife. Workers scything grass for hay. View of petrol pumps, control tower on pit straight, grandstand in background, men working on wiring. Geese feeding on empty grandstands. Men hoisting loudspeaker. Man fixing safety railing. Hay cutters leave work & walk across circuit. View of empty paddock and back of pit garages. Men placing fire extinguishers onto rack. Lorry towing trailer with sports car upon it, Dunlop banner overhead. Paddock scene, Rootes Group transporter containing Stirling Moss's car reverses to garage, Masarati transporter in background with Porsche 356 and Mercedes SLK 300. Connaught Engineering transporter, mechanic moving racing wheels to foreground. Italian racing team mechanic rolling wire wheels. Mechanics carrying racing engine, twin cam design. Racing car, probably Maserati, being unloaded from transporter, 1930s Bugatti turns into shot, mechanics leap out of the way!

Ferrari transporter with race car, a Ferrari 500, being unloaded to rear. View from inside a transporter with race car being reversed out down ramp. Maserati transporter with race car, fuel tank exposed, being reversed, Connaught transporter in background. Another Masarati being reversed down ramp. Stirling Moss in cockpit. Alberto Ascari in Ferrari cockpit, mechanic working on exposed engine. Stirling Moss & Ascari climbing from their respective cockpits, Moss in Cooper-Alta, Ascari in Ferrari. Cooper-Bristol being wheeled into pit garage. Woman cleaning crash helmet. View of pit garages, two race cars and Aston Martin DB2 touring car pulling away. DB2 taking a corner on the circuit, rural background. High aspect view across paddock showing transporter and various cars. Race number being painted onto nose of Masarati, in Argentinean national colours, driven by Onofre Mariman. Mechanic working on front wheel of Masarati. Masarati being tested in pit garage. Cooper-Bristol on trolley jack in pit garage, mechanics preparing it. View of another Cooper- Bristol outside, Connaught in background. Cooper-Bristol engine bay, twin cam Bristol engine, S.U. Carburettors. Mechanics changing plugs and cleaning screen. Mechanic in race car, probably Talbot- Lago. View of cockpit. Marshal out on circuit using phone. Central control answer telephone, confirm circuit clear. Driver climbing in Maserati, Fiat truck, Maserati logo in background. Maserati being pushed past garages. Nino Farina in Ferrari passes start line followed by Juan Fangio in Maserati. View from inside control tower looking down onto track. Mechanic holding out pit board to passing car. Lap times being recorded. Gordini race car passing unrecognised special. View of Gordini taking corners. View of said special taking corner. Connaught having rear body removed, exposing fuel tank. Front view of Fangio's Maserati with mechanics at work, Fangio watching. Fangio climbing into cockpit. Mechanic testing fuel level with dipstick, scrutiniser watches. Bonnet being replaced on Fangio's car.

Close-up of Ascari in Ferrari taking corner at speed. Close-up of Farina in Ferrari doing same. Close-up of Mike Hawthorn in Ferrari doing same. Villoresi in Ferrari. Rural paddock scene, race car, support vehicle a converted bus, note Veritas in background. View inside time keeper's box, working stop watches. Views of Masaratis at speed. Plan of circuit noting major corners and distance travelled. Various race cars taking corners, map of circuit superimposed. View of Maserati at speed taking corners. Ferrari in pit, Ascari climbing out. Tire inspection in Ferrari pit. Mechanics working on Ferrari. Prince Bira + Johnny Claes talking in pit lane. Fangio talking to team time keeper. Race cars being driven into garages. Racing fan asleep. Campers by circuit, old 1930s open tourer in shot, a BMW, campers wash. View of urban streets with buses, motorbikes, cars, people on foot. American Pontiac and VW camper pass through shot. Roadside view showing steps to circuit, DKW Sonderklasse passes through shot. Motor bikes in parking area. Food vendors getting prepared. Crowd at turnstiles. Prince Akihito (of Japan - later Emperor from 1989) arrives in Mercedes, welcomed by VIP's. Announcement by woman, view of loud speaker. Crowd in open stands. View of Ferrari team, drivers in cars, Ascari, Hawthorn, Farina, Villaresi. Ferrari team driving out of crowded paddock area, and driving onto circuit. Veritas race car driving out of paddock, Masaratis and Gordini in background. Fangio manoeuvring Maserati in paddock. Ascari climbing from Ferrari. Neubauer , manager of Mercedes racing team. Farina, Ferrari pulling up on grid. Ascari & Fangio on grid, man holds up 2 minute board. Connaught on grid. Emergency vehicles, man with 1- minute board. Front of grid, Hawthorns car being started, Hawthorn drinks a beer(!?) on grid. View of cars on grid from high viewpoint. Seconds-to- go boards and shots of anxious audience. View of start straight showing pits, various buildings, advertising hoardings, crowds, cars on grid in background. Closer view of front of grid, cars creeping forward. View behind crowds, man uses stool to get a view. Starter drops flag, man's stool collapses! View front of grid, cars pulling away, Hawthorn and Farina in foreground, whole field passes. Switches to high view of start. Crowds watching, high view of start from behind. Lead cars take corners, Fangio, Ascari, Hawthorn, Mariman. Man using camera. Close view of Connaught cars streaming down straight. Aerial views of cars on circuit. Boy using binoculars. Cars approaching camera, crossing bridge.

View looking down upon Ascari in Ferrari. Field, including a Gordini, pass camera. Men using camera. View of cars taking corners in four- wheel drift. Views down circuit showing hills and pine forests. Spectators sitting on grass banking. Cars pass through corners, including Belgian team Ferrari, S. Claes? Viewers from pits, including Neubauer. Fangio + Hawthorn pass pits on straight. Hawthorn passing Fangio in corner. Various views of Ferrari + Maserati on circuit. Time keepers at work. Ferrari mechanic holding pit board showing face positions. Harry Schell in Gordini passing Baron Emmanuel de Graffenreid's privateer Maserati. View looking down on Ascari's Ferrari in pit, wheel missing, Ascari waving arms about in frustration (Italian!!). Ascari out of car. Hawthorn pursued by Fangio, view down long sweep of circuit. Mechanic working on wheel, stop clock face. Close view of Farina's Ferrari. Ascari climbing in and pulling out of pit. Hawthorn + Fangio pass by. Close-up of Ascari driving. Pit views. Race between Hawthorn, Farina, Fangio. Close-up of Hawthorn driving, passing Cooper-Bristol. Close-ups of Farina and Fangio driving. Ascari out of car walking in pit lane. Ascari waves in Villoresi and takes over his car, leaves the pits. Close-up of Ascari driving. Cars passing crowds. View of finishing straight, close-up of crowd. Ascari in pit lane, car being wheeled away. Cars passing pits, Prince Akihito taking photographs from pit lane. Farina taking finishing flag. View of time keepers, crowd. Farina pulling slowly into pit, at finish. Chequered flag for Fangio. Farina talking in pit, having a drink, mounting rostrum and receiving laurels, photographes. Farina shaking hands with Prince Akihito of Japan. Paddock preparing to leave, images of support vehicles and equipment. Sports car bodies being placed on a trailer. Man removing international flags. View of empty paddock. Litter collection on grass bank. Ends with BP shield.

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