Film: 3797

Railways | 1980 | Sound | Colour


A colour and sound film detailing the history and present-day activities of the society operated Talyllyn Railway in Wales.

Shot of simple map of Wales. Without geographical features but for faint 'mountain' symbols. 'Land' is in gold, 'sea', along South and West of drawing is in blue. In centre of land is the word Wales in orange. Soundtrack plays a trundling noise with added atmospheric sounds.
Extreme close-up still of dome top and whistle of dark green steam engine. Adjoined, on the right, is the front of engine's cab with both circular brass-rimmed windows visible. Steam emanates from whistle. Soundtrack plays high-pitched engine whistle.
Sound of moving train plays over second still shot of engine. Camera inside cab, looking through window to 'narrow gauge' track stretching ahead. Front of engine visible on left side of window. Trees and hills in distance. Onto this is set 'presentation' credit while dramatic orchestral music plays on soundtrack.
Another still looking down on stretch of track, going diagonally along lower part of screen. On track is engine and first two coaches of train. Engine is at full steam, passengers look out of windows. Hedgerow borders track while behind are open fields. Previous cab shot reinstated upon which is film's title.
Still from inside carriage. Passengers sit, facing or backs to, camera. All look out of windows, some pensively. Returns again to cab shot on which is the 'narrator' credit.
Two brief action shots of woodland trees then view looking down railway track in densely wooded cutting. Track curves slightly to left revealed by shafts of sunlight.
View from front of steam engine (showing only large funnel) as it moves along track in similar scene to the previous shot. The track curves right and from view. View of engine driver in cab as train rolls along. He leans out of window on side of cab and looks ahead.
View from engine front again as it pulls into station. Long platform curves right along left side of track. A green building with poster or sign visible, is halfway down platform. Around it are people standing and sitting. One man taking photograph. Behind is a steep, wooded hill. The engine moves towards and along side of platform and second track is revealed. Soundtrack states railway's original purpose was to carry slate from hills to coast. Shot of station sign. Words are 'Nant Gwernol'. Camera looks down on station from other end of platform. People gathered as engine moves towards camera, away from train. Shot reveals crest on front of engine while coach front has ornate pattern.
Wide view of hills with forested space in foreground. Enclosed space thick with grass and trees. Tall pink flowers at right of screen. View of redundant looking track. Soundtrack states this is 'abandoned rail'.
Steep drop on top of which is an old looking building (soundtrack states it is 'winding house'). Close-up of white sign with information on winding-house duties. Sign declares this as being 'Alltwyllt Incline'.
Five people and dog walk around bend towards camera. Trees and hills in background with large expanse of blue sky. View looking down from high up on people passing across screen, an expanse of slate in right background. View looking down on winding road amongst huge mounds of slate. People visible on road with wide valley in distance. Ground level view of group of young people with backpacks. Adult 'guides' walk up to group. All are on slightly rising road. Behind are sheep in field with trees stretching down hill.
Very large view of valley with huge mountain range in far distance.
Along bottom of screen is a large collection of houses. Closer view of houses, again seen from above. Houses indicated as forming village of Abergynolwyn.
Black and white aerial still of houses. Running through middle are tracks with engines or other stock. Colour sketch of stone building with track running through it. Ropes attached to wall are fixed to a wagon on sloping hill. Soundtrack states this is an 'incline track' linking line with quarry.
View from moving train looking back along track set on edge of a high hill (very beautiful scene with mountains in background). Sign on a white fence reading 'Tywyn Wharf'.
Close-up of engine buffers meeting buffers of carriage. View of top-half of engine from head-on. Funnel in absolute centre with front lamp also very prominent. Man (possibly engine driver) stands to the right and looks up at engine. Close-up of side of engine revealing railway society crest with Welsh feathers and nameplate saying 'Douglas'.
End of station platform with canopy and milling crowd prominent on right side of screen. Beside is engine and train facing camera. Man looks down at engine features as soundtrack, significantly, states length of railway as 7 and quarter miles. View of people on platform walking to carriages.
Returns to buffer shot. Engine, at wheel level, moves across screen amongst clouds of steam. Shot takes in engine's wheels with red axels. Train from further back passes left to right through much steam. Steam clears to reveal bridge or tunnel.
Close-up of truck with possibly slate in, on small piece of track in open air in museum surroundings. Second truck with man walking around it. Truck in sky blue with letters 'TR' on it. Behind is wall with 'Gauge Railway Museum' (presumably 'Narrow gauge') visible.
View inside museum. Lots of artefacts including signals, lamps and in centre, old black and blue steam engine. Two boys and old man stand around small engine. Old man is pulling lever and explaining actions to the boys. Closer view of three. Boy beside old man is trying the lever as other boy watches. Shot of large diagram detailing parts of Wales. Above long text are words; 'The Welsh Slate Industry-Its railways and parts'. Second diagram with heading; 'How slate was created'. Details change from horse to rail transport from pre-1800 to 1962. Close-up of silhouetted steam engine and train from diagram. Third diagram showing map of local area under heading 'Dovey Estuary'. Two drawings of engines with other details framed side by side above 'Corris Railway' name or number plate. Numerous plates and pictures along a wall. Man walks into shot and looks at them.
Black and white photograph of engine and crew occupies screen. Black and white film of railway siding. Engine, side-on, stands behind truck with man on it. He throws lump of coal from truck to engine. Close-up of same action. Close-ups of engine's tanks showing firstly the words 'Talyllyn Railway' then 'Dolgoch'. The engine reverses along track, followed by camera panning right. Engine reversing from other direction to meet coach. Man appears to couple engine with coach. More black and white film looking outside coach window showing train moving at speed. Boy in flat cap leans out of window. From same position, train seen moving along platform. People on platform look at train.
Ground level view of train going just past camera. Tracks invisible beneath very long grass. View from different platform as train approaches. Detail of shed, or other building, roof. Side-on view of engine with crew outside the cab. Engine swings slightly away from camera and proceeds left. Woodland scene with track through the middle. Engine approaches camera and halts by stone 'water tower'. Water gushing from it. Engine beside tower, seen from behind.
Coach standing beside small station. Track curves round to right of screen with valley and mountain in background.
Black and white film switches to colour image of 'Talyllyn Railway Company' crest upon red background. Maintaining historical focus, shot of large press release or poster upon grey background. Shows drawing of train in idyllic landscape. Overlayed with press cutting stating 'The Talyllyn Railway Needs Your Support'. Assorted photos of preservation workers shovelling and loading earth into trucks and pushing trucks along line. Final photograph of engine and train, side-on, beside station, possibly on opening day.
View of straight track under stone bridge. Shot looking down on track stretching top to bottom of screen. Train moves toward and below camera.
Man in tree sawing off branch. Man in yellow hard hat sitting at foot of ladder beside track. View of ladder from semi distance. Two men either side and third man on ladder. Diesel engine and train goes left to right in foreground. Same train moving away from camera. Reveals flat truck with adjoining mechanical device. Men on truck operate this. Close-up reveals form of saw for trimming hedges. Returns to previous shot position.
Colour map showing local area served by line. Places along route marked out. Towns of Tywyn and Aberdovey most prominent. Open space with hill to right of shot as modern train rushes past.
View of coastal spot. Blue sea forming most of bottom half of screen and line of houses just visible in distance. Dramatic mountains in extreme distance. Close-up of waves lapping against shore. Ground level view along sandy beach. Breakwater stretches across shot. Children and adults walk around. View looking out to sea in, possibly, evening sunshine.
Shot of green fields with great, green hills in background. Houses and church visible in middle distance. Shot looking down a high street as car comes towards camera. Open space with mass of trees in foreground, green fields and main road in mid-distance and hills on either side in far distance.
Peaceful river with sunlight sparkling on water in distance. Slope of a hillside with trees along ridge. Mountain visible behind on far left of shot. Close-up of mountain ridge and large blue sky behind then a jagged mountain edge suggesting a sheer drop. Range of small mountains from semi-distance then town, dominated by large church tower. Sheep grazing in foreground, and mountains in background.
Close-up of sign saying 'Welcome to Towyn' with same greeting in Welsh. Below is written, 'The Home of the Talyllyn Railway'.
Man (possibly engine fireman) stands on steam engine stood beside water tower and facing engine shed. The man holds a hose. Man underneath engine in a whole between rails. Only engine buffers visible as man, holding torch, inspects engine.
Man in railway overalls and man in ordinary clothes discuss something, beside red carriage. Engine pulls away from yard, reversing towards camera. Large shed in view and mountains in background. Light suggests could be early morning. Good side-on view of green engine in a siding with three workers around it. Soundtrack states it is 'No.1 Talyllyn'. Close-up of man oiling pistons.
Cut to workshop scenes. Man leans over and checks machinery. Man beside stripped down engine tank, adjusting or polishing parts.
View looking down yard, from slightly above, in morning sunshine. Engine and wagon is moving in distance.
Another local area map with 'Tywyn' prominent, then map of part of line. On right is terminus of 'Nant Gwernol'. Other geographical features marked.
Stirring orchestral music as engine steams under bridge, facing camera. Camera moves back at same speed to show train moving along. View from behind chimney as train approaches little bridge in overcast weather. Train passes under bridge with track stretching straight ahead and hills alongside.
Shots of driver looking ahead then of fireman doing likewise. Coal put in engine firebox. Another driver shot then returns to view looking down track along edge of hill. View of train moving facing camera with steep bank behind.
Children gathering around red engine with face (as in 'Thomas the Tank Engine' books). Soundtrack states it is 'Peter Sam', of such books. Close-up of his smiling face then of side with gold words 'Peter Sam'. Children around his cab on end of station platform with driver and other worker. Close-up of driver in cab and children around. Peter Sam puffs (with train) towards camera positioned on station platform.
Close-up of triangular sign with engine shape and 'stop' sign. Green engine with train, passes level crossing as it moves towards and past camera. Winding road leads out from crossing. View from road looking down to level crossing as last carriage leaves shot.
Train pulls up alongside platform. Sign says 'Nant Gwernol'. People on platform as engine sidles along in front, taking up shot.
Train passes along another platform with impressive hills behind. The engine's front adorned with flags. Another shot of 'Nant Gwernol' sign with 'Forest Trail' sign below on white fence.
Archive footage of people on platform with train facing camera standing some way back. Track loop is apparent with two men taking photographs on adjoining track. Soundtrack infers it is May 1980. Close-up of engine with VIP beside it, smiling for photographers. People crowded on stone footbridge with wooden parapets. People also visible along road leading to bridge along top left of screen. Man speaks into microphone or loudspeaker. Soundtrack states it is Lord Parry, chair of Wales Tourist Board. People along path possibly set up cliff face. Lord Parry removes Welsh flag from plaque, to applause. Close-up of plaque, in rocks, stating formal opening of footbridge.
Shot of glistening waterfall then sign saying 'Rhodfeydd Forest Walks' with walk length information. Trees in sunshine along walk.
Half distant view possibly from wood of station with rear carriages visible and people gathered around. Two men seen walking towards them. Lord Parry talks to official holding open carriage door then climbs into it. The engine visible on extreme right. Lord Parry leans out of door, smiles and gestures to official then goes back in.
Camera moves right along wooded area, past drum or wheel, as train approaches and passes. View, presumably from train rear looking back along dead straight track leading into thick wooded area. Field down below to left of track.
Shot of train in full view along side impressive station building. Stated by soundtrack as 'Towyn Wharf'.
View from train alongside massive hills with fields in foreground. Passengers seated inside moving carriage. Return to previous camera position showing more hills. Gentle oboe music fades up.
Idyllic shot of train in mid-distance, passing over possibly river bridge, surrounded by trees. Engine beside water-tower surrounded by thick woodland in sunshine.
Sign says 'Dolgoch Falls' then information point showing features and details of falls area. View of cascading waterfall then water level view of pebbles in gently rushing water. Stream surrounded by trees in shafts of sunlight. Two people pass on far side of stream. Group of people walk backs to camera along idyllic route.
Returns to train beside water tower. Train moves away, gathering steam and pace as it approaches camera. Rear of train moves further away from camera under canopy of trees. Shot of top of chimney then from side of carriage as train passes along fields and hills on left of screen. More fields and valleys in glorious sunshine. Sprightly music on strings, clarinet and oboe plays simultaneously.
Train stops alongside another station with impressive building. Sign on platform says 'Abergynolwyn'. Steep hill directly behind. View looking down on platform and track loop as train moves eastwards into shot. Boy leans out of carriage and waves. Mountains in background.
A small town nestles in huge mountainous valley. Main road to town visible on bottom left. Close-up of mountainside with forested slope in front.
Tranquil lake in sunshine. Mountains in background and bushes of red berries line foreground. Family on picnic bench overlooking stretch of lake. Three family members feed ducks on lake's edge.
View from station platform with canopy very prominent, as train moves backwards towards camera. Passengers depart front or rear carriage as man crouches and takes photograph. Shot looking along top half of Dolgoch engine. Close-up of Dolgoch name plate then makers plate (Fletcher Jennings & Co).
Three railway staff chat on platform. Train reverses towards and under camera as it leaves station.
Engine chimney passing under trees. View from train passing westward along fields. Parallel is road with stationery coach on it.
View from engine as train approaches man clutching object. The man passes object to driver who passes similar object back (possibly signal exercise).
Train reverses towards camera alongside stationary train. Driver of moving engine leans out of cab with expression of concentration.
Signalman in his cabin pulling and pushing signal levers, with charts and notices on wall behind. Outside cabin with train beside. Signalman steps out, holds up green flag. Close-up of signalman with green flag. Returns to previous position as engine whistles and train moves towards and past camera.
Shot from behind train as rear carriage moves off into distance. View looking down on train passing along bottom of bank with fields and large hills in background. Bridge top view as train approaches and passes under. More rolling fields with train passing along. Carriage-side view of train passing fields and hills. Semi-distance view of train running through field, hills, again, in background. Farm amongst fields seen from train.
Charming shot looking up at train passing across elegant, very high stone bridge surrounded by trees. Thick trees and bushes with mountain range in distance as train comes towards and past camera. Looking up steep slope of hill as train passes along ridge at mid-height.
Map showing whole Talyllyn area. Collections of railway tickets from different Talyllyn destinations.
Side-on still of 'Douglas' engine then still of driver or workman in 'Talyllyn' engine's cab.
Still from inside cab on stretch of line as thank-you credit comes up. Still of engine head-on being given water beside platform. Returns to previous still with other credits. Still of engine at station with departed passengers then cab shot once more and further credits. 'Talyllyn' badge on red background shown as music reaches conclusion.

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