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'Hackney. Highland Games in London. The unusual spectacle of kilties tossing the caber and throwing the hammer. Delighted Londoners at Hackney Wick Stadium during Whitsuntide. No film.

Next 'Boy king in London. King Peter II, the boy King of Jugoslavia (Yugoslavia) leaves his London Hotel with his grandmother, Queen Marie of Romania after the tragic assassination of King Alexander.' Peter and Marie are shown exiting the hotel front door onto the steps, where a crowd of officials, spectators, and press await. The boy is ushered into a waiting car by his grandmother.

'The Prince of Wales attends the memorial service to the murdered King in London.' A male aide opens the passenger door of a saloon car and the prince of Wales steps out dressed in formal uniform to be met by a similarly attired individual. Another man follows the Prince wearing a black armband on his overcoat. The Prince is greeted by a priest in robes on the pavement before entering the building. Various individuals crowd on the pavement after the service, before we see the Prince shake the hands of the priest in the doorway before returning to the back seat of the waiting car. The car moves off as a few uniformed officials salute its departure, with a policeman walking in front of the camera.

'No 15'. Same text on card for King Peter II as previous, and the same clip of film follows. Same card for the Prince of Wales with the same clip of film following.

'Hollywood Stars in London'. Johnny Weissmuller, famous for his part as Tarzan, and his wife Lupe Velez arriving at Paddington from Hollywood for work on British Films. 'Weissmuller poses on the platform for the camera with his wife as a train pulls away in the background. He wears a cravat and open- necked shirt under a light-coloured jacket, she wears what looks like a crumpled velvet overcoat.
'George O'Brien the Cowboy film star arrived on the same train and drove a hansom cab to his hotel.' We see O'Brien feeding the horse before climbing up onto the driver's seat. He wears a double- breasted overcoat, suit, shirt and tie, topped off with a trilby hat. He takes the reins of the cab and laughs and smiles in the direction of the camera. He waves his gloved hand as a motorised cab passes them outside Paddington Station. The horse then trots off with O'Brien driving.

'Equine Film Stars. Horses are specially trained for working in films by Captain Younghusband at Stanmore.' Woman rides white horse onto high stage above camera. Cut to a dark coloured horse with two women on board. The leading woman pats the horse's neck and strokes it. A man standing by the horse fires a pistol into the air. The horse is then seen galloping with a female rider and jumps over a burning hay bale in a wooden framework.

'The Great Scott. Scott and Black won the great Air Race to Australia completing the amazing journey in under 3 days.' 'At Mildenhall Aerodrome on the eve and day of the start.' 'The winner. Scott's "Grosvenor House".' Shot of turning propeller on wing of aeroplane. Then name 'Grosvenor House' can be seen on the fuselage. As the camera moves down, we see a mechanic adjusting the engine's mechanism with his hand. Shot from behind, the tail of the stationary plane. 'Second. Parmentier and Moll's "Douglas Ail Liner." We see the front of the plane as it taxis on the grounds of the airport. As the plane turns, we can see "KLM" painted on the fuselage. 'Third. Colonel Roscoe Turner's "Boeing".' The Boeing is shown moving over the ground as a man in a peaked cap watches. We can see the number 57 on the nose of the plane. The plane slows down to a halt and we can see 'Warner Bros. Comet' emblazoned on the side towards the back.
'The Prince of Wales wishes God speed to Scott and Black.;' The Prince can be seen viewing one of the aircraft at the aerodrome and conversing with a number of other men. He wears a dog's toothed check overcoat and continues his tour of the parked planes. He is introduced to an uniformed crew and shakes their hands. He is next seen leaving the Dutch airliner and shakes hands with some other men.
'His Majesty the King shakes hands with Scott.' The King is shown shaking the hand of Scott in front of his 'Grosvenor House' plane. We see King George V in bowler hat, overcoat, and carrying a walking stick, in front of the 'Black Magic' plane. The next shot includes the Queen at the back of the party.
'The start in the grey dawn.' 'The winner. Scott's "Grosvenor House".' Shot of the plane taking off in murky light. 'Second. Parmentier and Moll's "Douglas Air liner." Shot of the plane taking off. 'No 7'.

'Oxford- not boat racing. The Oxford undergrads lacrosse team are putting in strenuous practice for the forthcoming Intervarsity match.' Outdoor shot of male players in lacrosse kit, including head guard, taking turns to catch the ball and hurl it into the goal. We then see the players on the pitch practising a kick-off. More action from the game as the players contest a high ball before it falls to the ground.

'Southwark. Dickens celebrations. The Tabard Players celebrated the birth of Charles Dickens by performing scenes from "David Copperfield" on a wagon in the courtyard of the George Inn, well known to lovers of Dickens.' Crowd watch above from balustrade of building. Camera pans down to two actors performing scene. Around the perimeter of the wagon are crowded many school children. They look suitably embarrassed as 'David' kisses one of the female actors. We next see a scene including Uriah Heap. The enthralled crowd watch as Heap wrings his hands. A fight scene is shown as Heap is protected from his assailant. More hand-wringing from Heap.

'Whipsnade . Teddy Amongst The Tiger Cubs... A toy teddy bear causes consternation when left to the zoo- born tiger cubs.' We see one of the tiger cubs sniffing out the teddy bear. One of the cubs eventually knocks over the teddy and pulls it off the rocks to return to its den. Then three of the cubs are shown pulling at the toy.

'Maisemore Gloucester. Britain's own Tidal Wave. An unusual sight may be seen at certain times of the year on the river Severn, when the "Bore" rushes up the river at a speed of over 13 m.p.h.' The clip shows the "Bore" coming towards the camera before cutting to show it passing by. 'At Maisemore the wave is checked by the weir temporarily. Then the river, strangely enough, is seen flowing in the direction over the weir.' Another shot of the river and the reverse action.

'Ashbourne. Centuries Old Shrove Tuesday Ball Game. Once again this old game is revived and played with as wild enthusiasm as the villagers have ever known.' No film.

'Sandwich. British Golf Triumph. Thomas Henry Cotton wins the British Open Championship, adding yet another laurel to our sports prowess this year." Shot of Henry Cotton teeing off in front of the crowd. He wears plusfours. The ball is driven off the tee and the caddies set off up the fairway. We see Cotton on the green attempting a relatively long putt. The watching crowd applaud the successful putt. Cotton strides onto the green at another hole and attempts a putt from the perimeter. He misses and is then shown trying to hole from a couple of feet. Incredibly, he misses and then taps the ball home. The crowd are shown making their way to the next hole. Cut to Cotton being accosted by spectators as he walks on the gravel road of the course's club house.

'Maidstone. The Prince of Wales. H.R.H. The Prince of Wales opens the Kent County Fair. Prince walks on grass between two ranks of people, those at the front holding poles with flags on. The Prince is shown leaving one of the marquees', paper folder in hand. An official leads him to a platform, where he climbs the few steps to the microphone to speak. Cut to his walk-about, and he has discarded his overcoat to reveal light double-breasted suit, shirt, and tie. He is then shown walking between two lines of spectators as he continues his tour.

'London. Policemen's intentional ducking. Three Port of London policemen fully clothed, jump into dock water eight times to test unsinkable life jackets. We see the policemen at the water's edge putting the jackets on over their overcoats. An inspector ties all the straps as the policeman faces the camera with the water in the background. Three policemen, still wearing their helmets, dive into the water wearing the lifejackets. They manage to swim back to the dock's edge, still with their helmets on, and pull themselves out of the water.

'Edinburgh. Our cameraman secures remarkable close-ups of Their Majesties during the Royal visit to the Scottish Capital.' We see King George V and Queen Mary leave a horse-drawn carriage and step onto the red carpet, while an aide holds an umbrella, to enter a building. The King wears a top hat and carries a walking stick. Cut to the King, leaving probably the same building with a man in religious ensemble. The King descends the stairs with the Queen following directly behind. They bid farewell to the assorted officials before climbing back aboard the carriage.

'Wembley. Diving at the Empire Swimming Pool... A marvellous display of aquatic sports was witnessed at this new pool during the Empire Games.' We see the start of a female back stroke race, then cut to the finish. Next is a female high diver seen performing her dive and entering the water. Another female diver taking a run along the board before launching herself. Then we are shown some dives in slow motion.

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