Film: 380

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Manufacture of Gas Cookers 1950's

Factory workers working inside a factory. Factory workers attending a lecture as part of a technical training. A chemical laboratory with technicians or scientists. A woman scientist carries out an analysis of gas. Close up of the gas being analysed. Another view of the woman scientist analysing gas. A gas flame is measured in the chemical laboratory. A laboratory that investigates the uses of gas in industry and at home. Two men analyse the temperature of the inside of a gas oven. Another view of the gas technicians. Close up of a gas technician, he is testing metals used in home cookers. Close up of the metal being tested. Close up of metal strength readings. Close up of the metal almost breaking. The metal breaks apart and falls to the ground, the technician examines it. Aerial view of the water heaters laboratory. Close up of a central heating water heater (boiler), with hot water coming out of a pipe, a woman technician measures the water temperature. A technician is studing coke in the coke laboratory. Two technicians test which varieties of coke are most suitable to use in home and industrial surfaces. Another view of the coke laboratory. Two scientists are testing whether a gas gire provides heat in the same proportion in every direction. Another view of the laboratory. A technician is testing gas meters. Another view of the gas meters laboratory. Two technicians or scientists are taking a gas cooker apart. View of a research kitchen that tests how efficiently cookers perform. Another view of the general gas laboratory. A woman scientist tests the gas flame. View of an experimental workshop. Three men are testing a furnace. New gas appliances are being loaded. The Gas Light and Coke Co. Vans on the outside of the company. Two men are scraping old gas appliances. View of the repair workshop. Tewo repair men. Another view of the repair workshop. A technical worker is painting a gas cooker. A worker replaces the lid on a gas cooker.View of of repaired gas cookers. A cooking programme (demonstration). Probably an early 1950's kitchen with appliances and a washing machine. A man reads next to a gas fire. A woman is smiling and carrying a baby who also smiles and waves to the man reading by the gas fire. Two bath taps. The back of a gas cooker. A central heating boiler. A baby having a bath. The baby is dried next to the gas fire.

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