Film: 3803

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Guatemala, Central America 1940's
Peten, jungle, Mayan ruins. Growing gum, sap collected, boiled. Timber, mahogany trees. Mountains, lakes, villages and church. Indians at fountain, weaving, huts, tortilla making, washing at the lake, school and teacher at work, terraced fields, irrigation, maize peeling, market place (sugar, salt). Pan American highway with sections shown in animated diagram form. Airport at Guatemala city, patios, houses, streets and main roads. Modern looms, modern schools, students of electricity, hydro-electrics, quarries. Xylophone, roller-skating, marbles, railway station and trains (big viaduct), coffee plantation and mill, more trains, more banana plantations.
Use of a product very like raw rubber which is used in the making of chewing gum. Is called something like chickle? Mahogany tree felling. A tractor being driven through jungle. Mountain area. Weaving, a loom. Thatched house. Woman making tortilla in house. Baking tortilla on a hot slab. Women washing clothing in lake. Children playing in water. Indian children in class learning from a teacher who is a Spanish speaker. Terraced gardens on slope. Hand planting individual plants. Irrigation channelled water. Picking corn or maize. Stripping back the leaves from maize cob. Going to market. Women walk with basket on heads. The town to which the Indians walk. People carrying large bundles of produce on their backs. Marketplace. Buying goods. Use of hand held seals. Wrapping produce in banana leaf. Unpaved road in Guatemala. Tarmaced road. Guatemala City. Bustling city. Mule drawn cart. Shops, craftsmen and artisans. Modern looms in factory. Use of foot pedals. External schooling of teenage students. Girls learning basket weaving. Young man learning about electricity and telecommunications. Electricity station. Cement works. Hospital under construction which should also be earthquake proof. Men in uniform all play a type of glockenspiel. Long line of boys squatting and snaking along on roller skates. Railway station. Children play. Indians getting on board railway train. Railway guard waves train off. Steam train departing. The crowded interior of railway carriage. The silhouette or profile train crossing tall wooden viaduct. Reverse point of view along the viaduct. Point of view along tracks in flatter countryside.
Coffee plantation in shade of trees. Half full basket of coffee berries. Mill where coffee is dried and packed in sacks. Railway station where women sell produce to train passengers. Food passed though windows. Passing jungle. Banana plantation. Irrigated banana plantation. Small narrow gauge rail track in plantation with mule pulling camera. Harvesting bananas with machete. Mule pulling rail cart of bananas. Bunches of bananas washed to clean the chemicals and insecticides off them.
Shipping and the docks. Bunches of bananas loaded on ship by conveyor belt.

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