Film: 3804

History | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Shakespeare and his story 1950's
Traditional music. Commentary. Good sound. Actors in full costume. Opens with a village scene with thatched cottages and a horse and cart. John Shakespeare in 16th Century England whose son William, attends the free school. Summer days and River Avon country scenes with elm trees on the horizon. 1582, a £14.00 bond is placed at Worcester by two farmers to ensure that William should only marry Ann Hathaway. Mystery surrounds this event which was followed by the 'hidden years'. London in 1592 and the spirit of Renaissance and The Plague. Shoreditch, London and its New Theatre in the open air, later to hear "This precious stone set in a silver sea.. etc.,". William Shakespeare becomes the "Wonder of the Elizabethan Stage". His only son dies before he can reach home at Stratford-On-Avon. Purchase of 'New Place', the largest and finest house in the area. Model of 'The Globe' theatre shown. Rehearsals include Hamlet, King Lear, Mystery of the Dark Lady, Macbeth. Theatrical props shown including a skull (Alas poor Yoric) with voice-overs. 1610 owner of farmlands, daughter marries Dr. Hall. Gradual retirement from theatre. June 29th 1613, 'The Globe' burnt to ground. William Shakespeare makes his will.

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