Film: 3805

Music | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Music promos from the 1970s
1. Officers from the Black Watch are interviewed. Full pipe band in ceremonial dress including kilts play marching music moving through a large arch into a courtyard. One soldier talks about the historical context in which the band played on the lawn of the White House in Washington in 1963 just prior to the assassination of President Kennedy. Piper plays "Sleep, Mary, Sleep". A lament. Soldiers dance traditional Scottish dances while accompanied by other band members, with various tunes including "Scotland the Brave".
2. Very 1970's pop band, The Rubettes sporting 1970's costumes - wide lapel suits and a man in a gorilla suit. They sing 'Little Darling'.
3. 1970's trailer for Timothy Leas "Confessions of a Pop Performer" with Robin Askwith.
4. Suzi Quatro sings an unidentified song,'Waiting For You'(?).
5. The Wombles play one of their songs 1970's 'Banana Rock'.
6. Bay City Rollers in full Roller regalia and an interesting backdrop play one of their lesser known songs, possibly 'Money'.
7. The pop band Sailor from the early 1970's with a very camp lead singer sing 'Glass of Champagne'.
8. Extract from an unidentified low-budget gangster film featuring the actor Martin Kove. Two men are beaten up and shot.

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