Film: 3808

Railways | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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A film detailing the various present day railway systems in operation on The Isle of Man.

Faded up image of shape of Isle against brown background. Beside are images of steam engine and train and, beneath, an electric train. Over this are maker and narrator credits then title. Music plays simultaneously.
Map of Isle of Man against white background with all major places marked. Black lines across whole Eastern and Southern coast denoting railways. Music fades and narration begins. Shot of seagull attending to its feathers on stone wall against blue sky and wispy clouds. It flies out of shot. View from end of boat, of flock of seagulls flying over sea. Trail of water caused by boat stretches out to distance.
Looking down on pier or jetty area as ferry with words 'Isle of Man Steam Packet' on side, passes by. Stretch of land with houses visible in distance. An old ship with tall masts stands by pier. Closer view of pier with ferry sidling along it. Behind is a small castle tower on mini island or reef. Wide view of dock area with town esplanade in background. Two ferries visible with 'Sealink' ferry soundtrack states this is town of Douglas. Regency or Victorian painting of harbour fills screen. Shows ship with tall masts and red sails in dock with people around.
Shot of present-day harbour full of small, private boats. Buildings (possibly hotels) line water area. Shot looking down Douglas Esplanade from 'prospect' area where flag bearing Isle of Man emblem, flies. Child stands beside flag, looking out to sea while seagulls fly around. Horse drawn tram with words 'White City, Onchan Head' on front, comes towards and past camera. Esplanade in background. Tram (No.37) pulls away from camera as other traffic approaches. Offers good view of esplanade with large hills behind. Shot of hills on overcast day. Wide view of valley from hilltop. A cove from cliff top, with blue sea between rocks and out to horizon. Shore-level view of blue sea beside jagged cliffs in sunshine. Person sits on large rock looking to sea. Looking down on rock or shale area with sea beyond. Sand expanse directly below camera and trees and bushes with orange flowers on right side. Another rocky area scattered with pink flowers. View of pier with two boats alongside sea and stretch of coast beyond. Peaceful, hilly, heathland. View of heath with large hill behind. Dramatic view of coastline with town in foreground and white cliffs in background. Water level view of harbour with small boats. In background are old buildings in 'town square' arrangement with large modern flats behind. Church also visible and in far distance, a large hill.

Different harbour in sunshine with beached boats. In background is a large stone castle. Narration states this is port of 'Peel'. Another harbour view with castle walls more prominent. Looking down on Viking style longship in water, lined with bunting. Harbour full of small boats with coastline in far distance. Shot of large steep hill with tower on summit. Narration states this is 'Port Erin'. Beachside view looking out to sea with harbour wall and hill with tower in distance. View from road of perfectly maintained square, stone castle with clock on central, square tower. Large tree on right and lower half of doric column bearing two shields with Isle emblems, on left. Castle stated as 'Castle Rushen' in 'Castletown'. Another harbour scene with five boats visible in dry dock. Alongside harbour are town buildings with church tower on far right. Huge hill in far distance. Range of hills with field in foreground. Passing in mid-distance is a red steam engine moving backwards pulling red and cream coaches. Road stretching away from camera into distance. On far side of road in foreground is level crossing gate. Man appears and swings gate clockwise until across road. Rooftop of stone building on which sign says, 'Ballagawne Crossing'. Same man stands in front of building holding out yellow flag as puffing of engine and trundling of train can be heard. Road again with both gates shut as Blue engine and train pass across. Shot reveals that stone building is beside crossing.

View from middle of road looking down hill with fields spread out beneath. Sea visible in far distance. Uphill road lined with bushes and trees. Red car moves along it. River lined with thick trees and, in mid-distance, stone, one-span bridge. Green steam engine and train passes across it.
Shot of passengers inside carriage as train moves along. Assortment of posters at far end.
Green engine and train moves backwards along embankment, followed by camera panning right
Electric train passes along side of impressive grey stone building in front of which is sign saying, 'Electric Railway Museum'. Train is electric 'car' and open sided carriage. Words 'Manx Electric Railway Co. Ltd', along engine side. Shot from inside open sided carriage showing passengers gazing out at scenery. Looking out of moving carriage as second electric train comes towards and passes camera. Camera moves slightly right to take in side of passing train. Two tracks, seen at ground level, stretch out into mid-distance and curve sharply to right. Into shot from far right is electric train, still at wheel level.
Victorian style image of green steam engine with upper-class couple (Man in top hat, Lady with parasol) standing in front.
Shot of upper part of green engine with brass dome and cab front prominent. Steam comes from its whistle. Driver and fireman look out of cab. Looking up at two-signal gantry. Left side signal goes down. Man in railway uniform with hat marked IMR, stands in front of carriage and waves green flag.
View of railway yard with hills in background as train with much steam, moves towards camera. Camera moves right to offer close-ups of green engine and carriages.
Line of track with trees on each side and fields in background as train comes towards camera then past it in extreme close-up. Misty shot from side of engine cab as train progresses along track beside open field. View from side of carriage as train speeds along track curving to left. Shot reveals train is near end of an embankment. Field (possibly wheat) along length of track, in background.
Yellow flag held in the air. Camera moves downward as flag is lowered by lady beside stone hut. Same lady by hut from different position. She waves at train coming towards and just past camera. As last coach departs shot, a guard is visible, waving back to her.
Returns to map of Isle of Man as at start, with flute-led musical accompaniment.
Wide view of large imposing station area with two canopied platforms visible and numerous tracks stretching out towards camera. Green engine and train steams out of station towards camera. It turns slightly left and moves out of shot.
Train amongst expanse of trees moves towards and just past camera offering good front-on view of green engine. In background is sign saying 'Ballasalla'. Train emits tall plume of smoke and stops beside stone building with ornate green canopy visible. Suggests it is a station but without platforms.
View of upper-half of impessive red brick 'facade'. Prominent are elegant clock face and two domed towers either side. Below clock is sign saying 'Railway Station'. Narration states it is Douglas terminus. Shot of terminus approach from road, showing entrance gates and beyond, the right extremity of station facade. Also takes in railings stretching uphill towards right of screen. At end of railings, at top of hill, frontispiece of previous shot, clearly visible. Looking down two parallel tracks stretching into distance. Hedges either side and large factory chimney in far distance.Shot, from moving train, looking down on train's shadow on adjoining field.
Black and white archive still of train beside platform with second track visible on left. Second archive still looking down on station platform. On track beside platform is line of trucks. Track furthest from platform occupied by head-on engine and carriages. Two men in flat caps are visible in foreground. View of coastline with sea beyond from moving train. Cab-side view of train approaching and passing under brick bridge.
Black and white still of front-on train beside station building. Woman stands in front of building. Looking down from moving train on train's shadow moving along parallel track. Black and white archive still of engine and end of first carriage beside platform. Engine driver leans out and looks back. Man in smart clothes stands on platform and looks in same direction. Open engine shed in background. Black and white still of engine with flat trucks on stone bridge over tracks. Another black and white still of engine crew and station staff standing on station platform beside train with engine facing away from camera. Shot of ruined tower on grassy bank with road in foreground. Towards right, on road, is sign saying 'Foxdale'. View of stone building with unidentified owner name printed on side. Stoney track in front with grassy expanse to side and hills in distance. Smoke clouds passing across sky. Wide shot of landscape. Iron bridge on stone pillars standing in mid-distance as train, going backwards, approaches from far side. Open fields and hills in distance. Train crosses and camera pans left to show it proceeding side-on. Camera halts as train leaves shot, coastline now visible in distance. Black and white, archive shot of engine and two coaches facing away from camera. Town buildings are in background. Another archive shot of train, front-on, beside platform.

Two railwaymen stand inspecting engine while passengers depart carriages in distance. View of wide platform with tracks along either side. Train with engine's back to camera, stands on right track. Station shelter visible in far distance. Shot of two, possibly bridge, pillars in valley thick with trees and bushes. View from sloping field of long stretch of coastline. Train pulled by red steam engine comes toward camera along curved track in narrow cutting. Pink flowers in sunshine. Semi-distant view of train, side-on, moving westwards along open fields in foreground with grass waving in wind. Camera pans left for several seconds to follow train. Closer view of train proceeding westwards across screen with mountain, in clouds, visible in distance. Large station building and platform on right with two tracks parallel alongside. Train appears in shot and proceeds down platform. Driver leans out and steps down from cab with train still moving. Sign on railings saying 'Port Erin' with station building behind. Engine passes backwards along crowded platform. Crowds look right at engine, now out of shot. Children stand beside engine and carriage in enclosed, covered area, stated by narration as Railway Museum. Two boys look up at engine cab. Front-on view of upper part of green engine, stated as first engine on railway in 1873. Shot looking along side of same engine from cab. Reveals nameplate of 'Sutherland'. Other exhibits of carriage and wagon are visible in background.

Camera moves left along side of two green engines attended to by workmen. Large stone building behind. Close-up of two workmen beside engine-one looks down at pistons, the other crouches and attends to wheels. Front-on view of engine with men working on various parts. To right, a stone tower with words 'Purt Chiarn' along it. To left, a line of carriages. Close-up of upper part of red engine with nameplate of 'Thornhill'. Side-on view of older looking red engine, directly in front of which is cab of green engine. Camera moves right to reveal a line of four steam engines. View from beyond end of platform, looking back at large Douglas terminus as line of joined-together engines move on right side towards camera. Close-up of engines coming to and passing beneath camera. View of Douglas esplanade from horse drawn tram. Horse's head in shot with two parallel lines stretching into distance. View inside tram showing seated passengers. Returns to previous position further along esplanade as second tram approaches in opposite direction. The two trams pass each other then cut to esplanade shot from rear of tram. Highlights the elegant curve in esplanade and line of white hotel buildings. Shot of tram terminus with tracks curving left into building (possibly tram shed). Horse drawn tram approaches camera while carriages of electric service stand on track to the right. People gathered around building with sign on roof saying 'Electric Railway Terminus'. By side of building is clock reading 1 o'clock, indicated as time of next train departure.

Shot of electric 'car', stationery, as second car approaches on right side track. It passes elegant canopy on right of screen then proceeds to pass stationery car, which begins to pull away from camera. Close-up of car's buffer and headlight as it moves along. Shot from rear of moving electric train looking back along two winding tracks with road to the left. Second car passes in opposite direction and proceeds along left side track. Shot details numerous houses in background (possibly outer reaches of Douglas). View from moving train, of cliff with sea beyond. Another 'car' view as second car, from opposite direction, passes on right side track. Passengers inside 'car'. Electric train passes road crossing and continues away from camera. Two road vehicles visible on far side of crossing. They move off as train leaves shot. Train, roughly head-on, approaches camera, in rural area. Again, two tracks are apparent. Train goes past camera and out of shot. View of dramatic coastline with open sea along right side of screen. Winding road visible in mid-distance. Black and white archive still of little steam engine with open sided carriages facing camera in wooded area. Large engine shed stands behind train. Second archive still of train approaching camera with passengers looking ahead. Superb historic still of same train approaching camera with girl in Edwardian dress looking back towards it. Mountain or very large hill, in background. Stretch of track curving eastwards in thick wooded area with steep bank on left side. Returns to previous still of oncoming train then present day view of station area. Shows number of tracks in front of building with 'Laxey' written on green roof. People standing outside building while two electric cars stand to left of station. Car furthest from view is beside end of station building.

Row of trees with hill behind. Superb shot of huge waterwheel with adjoining buildings in front and mountain in background. Isle of Man 'three leg' emblem visible below turning red wheel. Narration states it is the 'Lady Isabella Waterwheel'. Shot looking up at waterwheel with spiral staircase and observation platform to left of wheel. Man and a husband and wife visible on steps. Magnificent view, from side, looking down waterwheel, highlighting enormity of wheel and mechanics. In background, a large valley with line of houses visible. Mountain in bright sunshine with rising tracks on left foreground. Cafe and vehicles in car-park in mid-distance. Into shot passes, from right of screen, electric 'car' with words on side saying 'Snaefell Mountain Railway'. View from mountain train, looking down on waterwheel and surrounding houses as it ascends Snaefell Mountain. Fields and woods in background. View from end of train, looking back along tracks on mountain ridge. On right side track, a second 'car' passes in opposite direction. In left background, a spectacular view of open countryside. Shot, from car, looking down onto fields now far below, then distant view of car passing right to left across screen, continually uphill. Shot highlights hugeness of mountain. Looking back along duel tracks stretching downhill, from moving car as another passes in opposite direction. Great mountainous region in background. Superb view of hills below Snaefell with coastline in distance. Looking down on car passing across screen with hills and coastline clearly visible. Sign reads 'Caution Tramway Crossing 100 Yrds Ahead.' Sign from further back with wooded hill in background as electric train passes across screen. Shot inside carriage with people seated.

View of flowers along coastline from moving train. Camera pans right across coastal area, arriving at two tracks with overhead electric cable. Train approaches on right side track with road also visible on extreme right. Train passes under camera. Level crossing with electric train passing across it. Fine coastline view revealing extremity of island and sea beyond. Town visible in mid-distance. Pub sign (Okells Ales) saying 'The Railway' with picture of red steam engine. Shot from ground level looking back towards Douglas terminus as green engine and train departs platform with engine emitting colossal clouds of steam. Train with much steam, approaches camera and passes to left of screen.
Extreme close-up of railway badge on red carriage then shot of words 'National Transport' on side of bus. Bus approaches and passes camera in rural area then second bus with 'Ramsey' destination board does same in clifftop locality. Shot of Douglas Esplanade as horse drawn tram approaches camera. View of car parking area with three electric cars lined up in background. Other buildings in background obscured by mist as electric train approaches camera on left side. Fine view of electric car on mountainside going downhill then car passing across screen on mountain ridge. View of front of Douglas terminus with people going through entrance. Train at platform with people getting in coaches. Green steam engine faces camera with carriage doors open, waiting at platform.

View of signal gantry with right signal down. Long stone shed or depot stretches into distance with tracks in front as train enters shot and passes along. Cloud of black steam then train shadow on road. Electric train crosses level crossing. Douglas Esplanade again with horse drawn tram passing down street. Looking down esplanade from moving tram as other tram passes on left track. Rural area with blue engine and train approaching camera then passing out of shot. Cutting with countryside around. Train enters shot and proceeds along track until into distance. Music fades up as map of Isle of Man comes up then credit sequence as at start of film. Music reaches crescendo as picture fades out.

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